Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Super Son's inagural soccer season has ended and last night was the team dinner. After pizza and video games his coaches handed out trophys to the team. The look on Super Son's face was priceless as coach Andrea said "For the fastest runner, Super Son!" He is so proud and so are we. His joy and pride in that moment made the entire season for me worth while.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Super Son at One Year Old - Look how much he has changed

Super Son at the Capitol

Super Son at the Dentist earlier this week

Cowboy Super Son

Miss Thing loves to pat baby Bean

Snuggle Time

Our "station night" bed time routine usually consists of a bath for the kids where Super Son gets to hang in the tub and play while I dress and put Miss Thing down for the night. Occassionally the pruney fingers and toes get to be too much and he gets out and gets dressed on his own. Last night was one of those and Super Son peeked in to tell me he was going to read a book in his room while I finished up with Miss Thing. A few minutes later I went to get him for our "Mommy Time" and found him on the floor in his room crying. In his lap was a board book that had his picture (as a 10 month old) inserted into various zoo animal bodies. "Super Son, honey, what's wrong?" I asked "I miss being a baby" as he pointed at the picture of him as a little guy. I gave him a big hug and we talked about all the cool things that only big guys can do. Including having snuggle time and ice cream in Mommy's bed after Miss Thing had gone to sleep which he gladly accepted. Four is such a big boy, but not so big to miss a chance for a good snuggle every chance you can.


Super Son has re-discovered a stuffed animal that Hero Husband bought for him close to 4 years ago. A fuzzy elk that came home from a Colorado hunting trip. A while back I walked into his room to say goodnight to find Hero Husband and Super Son laying on the bed with Hero Husband's tell-tale smirk just waiting to break into a grin. "Mom" Super Son said jumping up excitedly "look what I've got. He's Horny" I laughed, Hero Husband laughed and Super Son finished off his point "see Mom, He has horns" my reply "Super Son I think they are antlers". Needless to say Horny has stuck around and so has his name.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Conversations with Super Son...condensed slightly

On the way to the dentist this morning

Super Son: Mom, I have a pet snake. Wanna see it?

Mom: Sure Super Son (looking back at the sunglasses tether he has curled up in his hand) What kind of a snake is it?

Super Son: A rattlesnake

Mom: Wow that's dangerous be careful she doesn't bite you rattlesnakes are venemous.

Super Son: She won't bite she came to live with me from the jungle. She likes to lick with her tounge and she can slither back and forth.

Mom: What's her name?

Super Son: Miss Thing...Hi Miss Thing, you are a pretty snake. I like your teeth. This is the other Miss Thing (Showing the real Miss Thing his new imaginary pet) Miss Thing, do you want to pet Miss Thing?

Miss Thing (not the snake): Laughing

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Good to have a plan

Last night before bed Super Son was playing with his play-do while I cleaned up the family room. "Mom" he said "I am going to be a baseball player, a fireman, superman, a builder and fly helicopters"

"Wow Super Son" I said "That is a lot of stuff are you going to take any breaks?"

"Nope, only when I am at the station sleeping" he replied

"What are you going to build?" I asked

"Everything." he said "I will be very busy"

It is good to have a plan and goals for your life now isn't it!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Family Ties

#2 and the Back Cracker have welcomed thier sweet little girl into the world. I am so excited to be an Aunt and my kiddos (especially Super Son) are loving their new cousin. I have been asked no less than 5 times "when can we go pick up my cousin". She is beautiful and already has some good stories under her belt.

We love you little Bean and are so happy you are here safe and sound.

oh yeah. we love you #2 and Back Cracker...but you do know it isn't about you anymore, right?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


The end of an era has arrived and as Hero Husband put it "I have buried my last dog". Hunter had been struggling to get around for the last 8 weeks or so since we moved. We presumed it was his arthritis and a little bit of the blues after Gus died. I wasn't entirely prepared when we took him into the vet to be told that he had bone cancer that was advanced and it was time to let him go. In his last few days he was petted a lot, bathed and brushed, comfy on his bed in the corner, full with yummy canned dog food and treats. I only thought I was giving him a little TLC to boost his mood and help him transition into old age a little better. On his last morning he was carried by Hero Husband and it reminded me of the days over 10 years ago when we had to pick him up to take him anywhere. I think he felt loved and was peaceful, happy to see Gus again and glad to not be hurting anymore. He and Gus survived the huge upset from being only dogs to the arrival of Super Son and Miss Thing, numerous moves and remodels and a flood and were always great, happy spirited dogs. They even survived seizures, jumping out of the bed of moving vehicles a Thanksgiving towel eating incident and an infinite number of "get off the couch" ramblings from me with none-the-wiser happy dispositions. They are buried under the big tree in the back yard. Super Son has been filling his pockets with rocks from the playground at school and bringing them home to lay on their graves. Any dog we bring home now will belong to Super Son & Miss Thing. We loved them both so very much and the closing of this chapter in our lives has been surprisingly difficult for me. Why it has been surprising I don't quite know. These were after all the dogs that were infamously on the answering machine, road trips, vacations, our Christmas cards and our hearts for more years than we have been parents.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Summer Vacation

With the new house and what has amounted to a very busy summer it was not looking great for the our little family to get a vacation this summer. My benevolent boss has a condo in Chicago that he made available to us that made the decision for us and off we went. More of a long weekend, but needed, and oh so much fun. Super Son was really excited about flying on an airplane and getting to see Sue the T-Rex. Miss Thing relished in the family time, the constant audience provided by downtown city life and not having to ride in a car seat for 3 whole days. Hero Husband and I enjoyed not having to drive anywhere, walking to the store for ice cream and morning runs on the lakeshore. Okay Hero Husband enjoyed the runs and I enjoyed his sweaty company afterwards, but all around it was a great time. Millenium Park was a last minute addition to the agenda when we found ourselves that far south on Michigan Avenue (Giordano's Pizza mmmm) I am so glad that we weren't deterred by the crowds. Super Son had an absolute blast and Miss Thing only slightly less fun because Mom wouldn't let her sit down in the water (it was breezy and cool in the shade and she gets cold really quickly). If you haven't been, you should go. Giant pictures of Chicagoans who eventually spit on you doesn't sound like a good time, but I promise it is. Over and out for now

Happy Birthday Car Car!

One of my favorite men in the world celebrated the big 9-0 not long ago and we had the very distinct pleasure of being there to love on him. Happy Birthday Car Car! I hope I am as charming, fun to be around, talented and good looking as you at 90.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Yes, this is a face whack to the superhero at the dinner table

Full Swing of Summer

It is hot in Texas in the summer. I guess I have known this for many years, but for whatever reason the memories seem to be a little like childbirth. You forget how hard it was and just remember the wonderful parts until it gets hellishly hot again and begin to curse your bad memory. I guess this year we have gotten off somewhat easy in that it is now mid July and we are just getting into the real 100 degree plus days. That fun memory thing is in full gear as I am glad not to be pregnant this summer, but for whatever reason last summer didn't bother me much.

The contents of the boxes have started to find their way to their ultimate homes and while there is still a list of projects to complete we are really enjoying being home. It goes without saying that the kids love the pool and Super Son has become quite the swimmer. He dives off the side and swims down to pick up toys off the steps and bottom. Just the other day I heard "Watch me Mom...Are you watching?" and could barely contain my smile and laugh. I remember so vividly saying the same thing (over and over) and being so concerned that my audience wasn't attentive enough or adequately impressed with my new feat.

We have also ventured fearlessly into the realm of superherodom. Is that actually a place? I think it is more a state of mind and one where my precious son spends a lot of time. He is super strong, super speedy and don't forget mom "your super power is invisibility" At least we are all in for this adventure. Miss Thing too who is sometimes super noisy and other times super fast...for a baby that is. I am just counting my blessings that he hasn't jumped off of anything higher than the couch. The super strong Super Son sometimes likes lifting up his sister which is very cute but stressful for everyone else. Okay stressful for me and Hero Husband. Miss Thing thinks it is pretty funny. At first she got the look on her face like a cat who is being schlepped around by a two year old and then started laughing hysterically. No that didn't do much for the don't hurt your sister dissertation I was delivering in the background.

Miss Thing in all of her cuteness got two more teeth. Uppers this time, however, they happen to be vampire teeth vs the usual front teeth. Okay just a little funny until she begins hissing. Thankfully I made a little movie of her doing this because I am fairly certian no one would believe me. Sadly she has now outgrown the hissing, but the vampire teeth are still there in all their glory. Hero Husband and I noticed yesterday that her front left tooth is getting ready to break the surface (no I haven't been getting too much sleep thank you very much). I found myself a little sad at the prospect of her funny little smile being a little more toothy. That has passed only to be replaced by big girl pajamas. Let me explain...My little girl is still so little that she doesn't keep the covers on when she sleeps and to keep her nice and comfy she sleeps in long sleeve, zip up the front footie pajamas. She has had a little growth spurt recently and is in need of the next size (9-12 month). Off we go to Walmart (who has the best price on the brand I like) and I can't find them in her size. When I inquired I was told that all of the PJ's for 12 months and up were over there (accompanied by a pointing gesture). I complied and walked over "there" only to be horrified that "there" was a rack of big girl pajamas. As in Dora the explorer and nemo separates. No footies, no long sleeves, no more sweet baby pajamas eeekkk.. Hero Husband's response "I think she was getting hot anyway" It doesn't help that she is standing and letting go as she finds her balance and considers beginning to walk. I have had to say a few more times than I would like in the last few days "Stay little...please" to which I usually get a gleeful smack in the face while "someone" tries to remove my earrings. I love her, find glory in her accomplishments, even love her changes but still find it sad as it happens before my eyes. I do hereby reserve my right to hit Gymboree and pay ridiculous prices for footie Pj's in the winter.

In the next edition - Hero Husband has gone vegan... will the rest of the house follow?
Enough already... now more pictures

Friday, June 02, 2006

Settling In

Okay, so the move is officially over and while that means that the garage is full to the brim with boxes that we haven't gone through yet we have turned over the keys to the old house and when I say I am going home now there is no question what that means. The inside is still in various states of unpacking, but in general we are settling in nicely.

There is a beautiful new HEB down the street and while the Randall's is closer I still prefer HEB and their prices. They have these fabulous race-car grocery carts that the kids love. Miss Thing is big enough to be a driver now too and this fabulous two-some have enjoyed tearing up the store.

Miss Thing, Hero Husband and I were in a movie earlier this week. Miss Thing of course stole the show and Hero Husband and I were left wondering how stupid we were going to look on the big screen. It was still a lot of fun and an experience worth having. Super Son gets to go and film his part this weekend so more updates and pictures to come. For now here is one of Hero Husband & Miss Thing in the makeup trailer.

If you haven't noticed already Miss Thing sticks her tounge out nearly all the time. This has been going on for a few days. It is really cute, but seems a little strange to me. I don't think she realizes she does it because when I stick mine out at her she looks at me like I am strange. Hero Husband checked it out the other day wondering if she can put it back in her mouth ie "is her tounge swollen". That isn't the case, there must be something too tasty floating around in the air that she just doesn't want to miss. Her little bangs are growing so long that they are in her face so I have taken to bows & barettes. This is really cute and very girly. Needless to say I am really liking them and she doesn't seem to mind. Thankfully the kids at school haven't seen them as a target on the top of her head either.

Super Son has started swim lessons at home with his friend Timothy. This is lots of fun apparently because he came in from the first one just wiped out. I enjoyed the time visiting with Timothy's mom and we are all looking forward to the rest of the summer getting the kids comfy in the water.

#2 and the Back Cracker found out they are having a little girl. I am excited for them. She is no doubt going to be cute. Super Son was bummed out because he wanted a little boy to play with. That is the first indication I have gotten from him that Miss Thing isn't necessarily the most fun ever. He wants to see what a boy would be like. Little does he know it will be a few years before he can realize actual playtime with a little boy. It is times like this I am glad that he gets to go to school and play with Hunter, Timmy and Matthew and get rough and dirty.

Thats it for now...

Monday, May 22, 2006

Moved In? Well kind of...

To say that the last few months have been challenging has been an understatement. Hero Husband working his fingers to the bone, me and the kids missing him, packing up the old house, trying to finish the new one, working full time and trying to maintain some type of stability for our little ones...Geesh. I would like to say that it is all over, but I can't. I can however say that we have made one amazing huge dusty step. We moved into the new house this weekend (Friday while the kids were in school to be specific) and have spent the last 2 days trying to balance a little R&R with unpacking the ridiculously large pile of boxes. The list of to-do's is still very long but we are now all under the same roof and that is a definite improvement. This is the first time in 12 years together that we hired movers to do the big stuff for us. Let me say money well spent. #2 and the Back Cracker came back from a little Mexico vacation Saturday afternoon and immediately kicked into the high gear of helping us finish getting out of the old house and into the new. Huge blessing as it is hard to get my two precious ones to sleep at the same time and it is surprisingly hard to unpack anything when you are wearing a baby and can't see the boxes at your feet and fielding the infinite Why questions from a 4 year old. Many hands truly did and do make light work especially around our house.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Cutie Tootie

Miss Thing is growing so very big and is now crawling and pulling up on me and whatever else holds still. She loves her naps and has more fun laughing with/at Super Son than anyone else.

Speed Racer

Super Son and I have made a tradition of doing the Fertile Hope 5k each year. Last year when we walked it I was pregnant with Miss Thing and this year we had sweet baby sister to join us. We had a great time and while my knees kept me from doing the full course it didn't keep Super Son from running the kids K. He had a great time and came in so fast I thought he had cut the course. At the very end when our friends came across the finish line I asked Todd how Super Son did and I was informed that he ran the whole thing and smoked it. He was so proud took a great nap that afternoon. Way to go Super Son!

Good Dog Gus

Easter Sunday we went to the lot early in the morning to check in on the dogs and show my Dad the progress on the house. When we got there and let the dogs out only Hunter came running. Sweet Gus was over 10 years old and his body was tired and years of seizures had taken their toll. We think he died stretched out in the grass with his brother Hunter by his side as the Easter sun rose. Super Son is only 4 and has now learned his first lesson in mortality. Gus was always the "higher maintenance" of the two dogs and without Hunter would have been miserable...his passing first was a gift in that sense. Hunter is doing well and enjoying the benefits that his mellow personality generates like sleeping in our room and playtime on the floor with the kids. We love and miss you Augustus Chatterbox ...

Her Mother's Daughter

Those who know me at all know that I am a bag lady. I am a sucker for a purse or bag that catches my eye or strikes my fancy. It seems that Miss Thing is cut from the same cloth. She has discovered a new love. Coach leather...

Miss Thing's Baptism

We were so glad to have so much of our family come together for Miss Thing's baptism. We were truly a community in Christ welcoming her. She was precious and beautiful and the entire service was made all the more special by the mass we were able to celebrate with it.

Housing Progress

We are in the last weeks of finishing up the house and everything is coming along. Still not without drama and bumps in the road, but a house none the less and we are moving in a few weeks. We have found some great pricing and are planning on hiring a mover to handle at least the big stuff. Cabinets are partially in and Hero Husband is working on the wood floors. It looks more and more beautiful every day. I am starting to pack up a box a day to get a little lead on things and we have paid rent through the end of May to give some flex time and leave us without a need for rush...we'll see if we are out early enough to make that a reality.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Low Ways ?

Conversation on the way home earlier this week...

Super Son: Mom, Open the glass (aka sunroof)
Mom: Super Son, If I open the sunroof it will get too windy. We are getting on to the highway now.
Super Son: Can we take the low-way instead?
Mom: (giggling) That is a great idea, but I don't see any.
Super Son: Okay. (Long Pause) What street are we on now?
Mom: Mopac.
Super Son: Mopac. That's silly. Is it a highway or a low way?
Mom: Yes it is silly and it is a highway.
Super Son: MOM! I see a low way right there (aka access road) can we get on it.
Mom: You know what, that sounds good to me.
Super Son: Yeah! Now open the glass.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

#3 - This one is for you

Everyone else is getting an actual picture, but I knew not where to send yours... So here is your e-love from little Miss Thing. She has her first two teeth now and has learned to both sit-up and crawl. #2 says it isn't really a crawl, but I figure if I can't leave the room without worrying that she is going to get stuck under the couch then regardless of how the actual activity looks while being performed it qualifies as a crawl.

Miss you xoxo

Thursday, March 09, 2006

He is going to hate me when he is older

Two nights ago I am laying in bed reading to my sweet four year old who interrupts the story for the following conversation:
Super Son: Mom, I like your boobies
Mom: Super Son, they are called breasts (stifling my laugh)
Super Son: Breasteses
Mom: Breasts
Super Son: They are squishy and make good pillows
Mom: Glad I could help

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Oh Man

Thursday Super Son has a field trip to the "Dino Dig". I have signed up to go and he is very excited about getting to ride on the bus with Mom. This morning he came into the bathroom while I was getting ready...

Super Son: Mom, is today the Dino Dig
Mom: No Honey, that is on Thursday, today is Tuesday
Super Son: Tuesday? Oh Man.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

A rousing game of...Candy Land

Mom: Super Son you made it to the candy castle first. You Beat Me!
Super Son: Ha! Yeah!... Mom, I am going to beat you again tomorrow morning.
Mom: Oh really, what if I beat you?
Super Son: You won't

I think he is right

Friday, February 24, 2006

Not again

Having two children has proved to be difficult keeping them both healthy. It seems like every day for the last month one of the three of us has been sick. This has been one time that Eddie being so busy at the new house has been a good thing...he has managed to stay healthy. Ava started running fever last weekend with no other symptoms and still less than 6 months old she had to go through blood tests and a flu test to find out it was just a virus that would have to run its course. It was nice having a few days home with her and as soon as she was starting to feel better I got pink eye. I am doing everything I can to keep from touching the kids without fully disinfecting myself, but that has proved to be more difficult than I imagined and I am just praying that they don't get it.

Great news that all of our showings have generated a buyer for our "old" house. She wants to close very quickly so if all goes well next week Eddie and I will be renters for the first time in nearly 10 years. Feels kind of strange converting my homeowners insurance policy to a renters and remembering to pay rent instead of a mortgage. It is really nice to be able to get back to our regular life and not ultra clean and organized lady. I didn't anticipate how much I would like having everything always put away and the beds made, but at the same time I didn't fully realize how much I would hate doing all of those things when I am already running 10 minutes late getting out the door.

The construction on the house is going well and we are making progress. Eddie and I picked out some exterior colors and he has painted what siding there is on the first floor. It looks really great and I love the choices. I think they will tie beautifully with the rock on the outside too. The plumbers managed to single handedly mess up the schedule and delay us by 3 1/2 weeks. They finally showed up today to finish what they started 8 days ago and arrived with the wrong bath tub. Lovely. I am thinking that the scheduler has it out for us, but hopefully the friends that we have that work there will keep an eye out for us and we will at least stay on schedule from here on out. Between the plumbers and the city inspectors (I won't bore you with the gory details, but lets just say that Rich and Donna have the right idea of being outside of the City and not having to deal with them) I am beginning to wonder if there is a reason we aren't supposed to be on schedule with this project ; )

Jayme's father-in-law was in town over the last week and she had a number of social gatherings so I haven't seen her in a while. I hope to this weekend, but at the same time she has a lot to catch up now. I encouraged her to buy some maternity pants to help with her regular pant discomfort and it sounds like it has worked. I am wondering if not having seen her in a while she is starting to look at all different. When I was pregnant with Super Son and Miss Thing I remember telling her how hard it was to eat healthy food in the beginning. The hunger was unimaginable and the only thing that didn't make me want to toss my cookies was from the oh so healthy hamburger, milkshake, french fry, pizza family of foods. She used to tell me "choose carrots" "You can do it" The other night she called me and confessed that she always thought I was making it up and using the baby as a reason to eat junk. Now she understood. I find it slightly amusing, but more just want her to know that I am sympathetic and am living proof that it will pass...and the extra milk shake weight will come off!

I had a great lunch today with Leticia and Dawn. They are such amazing friends and so wise in their friendship and guidance. Thank you God for giving me such an amazing support system. They know my heart so well.

Last night I passed Eddie in the bedroom as we ran back and forth getting the kids to bed. I asked a really ridiculous question and he looked at me with the taunting sparkle in his eye that is reserved just for me and gave me a really smart alec reply. I just laughed and kissed him and told him how much I missed him lately. Leticia related a few weeks ago that we seldom spend much time in the rooms, or events, of our life. We try to make them special, our weddings, births etc., but they are just the rooms. We spend most of our time getting from room to room in the "hallways" of life. How important is it not to just get from one place to the other and pass each other in the hall and miss each other. We have all been so busy but man was I glad to find him there and really enjoy that moment in the "hallway".

Super Son is laying on the floor on top of his foam baseball bat informing me that it is his rocket and he is going to take off. I am going to take this chance to segue that into a rocket trip upstairs for bed time. Nighty night...

Thursday, February 16, 2006

4 years

Today is the day after my sweet little boy turned 4. Super Son had a great time at his birthday party and the kids all seemed to have fun. I ran the entire time it seemed like, but traded spots with Eddie here and there to get to play some games. Super Son is such a good kid. He does his typical 4 year old shenannigans and I love his tenacity (most of the time). Miss Thing spent most of the evening curled up with Grama napping or staring at Chuck-E-Cheese dancing on stage. She was patient as always. The late party on Valentine's Day worked out beautifully and Super Son got to open one present before bed that night and one before school yesterday. The delay was appropriate and Super Son really got to play with a few things before the onslaught of everything else last night. We got home around 6 and as I sat feeding Miss Thing Super Son tore into everything else. It was all I could do to get him to look for cards first so I knew who/where to send thank you cards. Spiderman, Power Rangers, Hot Wheels and Superman make a great birthday when you are 4 apparently. I love most that he still thinks his dad is the big hero(which he is) and doesn't want to grow up to be a power ranger, but a fireman. He got a learning microscope from a friend at school and is really enjoying looking at the bugs. He is more corageous about them these days. Last night he walked into Miss Thing's room and said "mom, a bug" to which I replied "don't worry I'll get it" This would usually sprial into a MOMMMM get it now and instead (now being 4 and all) I turn around to see him laying on the floor at eye level poking (what was determined to be a pyuck or a fuzzball) it to determine what it was. He still loves to show me his muscles and tell me he is stronger than me. I don't mind. Soon enough he will be.

A good friend yesterday mentioned that she is keeping a journal for her daughter of the different things that are going on with her (the daughter) as she grows up. She thought that it seemed like an interesting thing if she could look back at her mom's notes about what she did when she was 2, 3 or 4. I am intrigued by the idea and think that I will try to do the same for my kids. Case in point the family was out at Grama & Grampa's not too long ago and Miss Thing put her thumb in her mouth and quickly drifted off to sleep. Grama said "Oh how sweet she sucks her thumb, just like her mom." My response was what...I sucked my thumb. I then learned that not only was I a thumb sucker but I loved it until I was 4. I am semi-skeptical because I am sure that somewhere along the way I would have learned this and at least it would have shown up in pictures at some point, but nonetheless I think it would be fun for Miss Thing & Super Son to know what I thought about their various stages and what made me craziest along the way.

#2 and Back Cracker are doing well and Bombino is now something like 2 cm long. I am excited for them and enjoying #2's membership into the mommy club.

I have decided that my life is very much like a train. Running along the track nice and smooth and the conductor (who I don't always agree with or always like very much) speeds up and slows down as he sees fit. Right now time is speeding by me. I am trying so much to relish all of the precious little moments with my family, but the more I relish the faster they seem to pass me by. Miss Thing has figured out that toys are actually fun and that she can eat them. She has this really precious little way of attacking them (or your finger- whatever is most interesting at the time). Cracks me up. I met last week with a wonderful lady who is making her baptismal gown and I can't wait to see it. Mom had some of Great Grandmother's lace to use on the dress and it is going to be beautiful. We are still waiting to get final word on Uncle G and his return date so we can get scheduled at the church. Mom has also decided that she wants Granny's rocking chair back. I am annoyed by this. In part because it equates in my mind with wanting to take my kids dresser. This is a piece of furniture that I really use. Every day and most often at night and the proposition of just swaying with a cranky baby in the middle of the night just isn't nice. But also, because I have an emotional attachment with it. This is the chair that I was rocked in as a child, watched my granny rock in and the chair that I have rocked both of my children to sleep in over the last four years. That being said I have decided that an emotional attachment to furniture is not a good thing and I am now on the hunt for an overstuffed glider ideally with an ottoman. I know that this will be an unmanageable temptation for Super Son as he can barely walk by them in the stores without pretending they are moving rocks in a dangerous river to be jumped from one to the next to escape something scary, but I am willing to deal with that. Now I just have to get over the hurdle of having to spend $500 on new stuff when we are digging pretty deep in coffers with the construction of the new house. Not that I don't like new stuff, but I would much rather be buying new stuff for the new house than replacing something I already have.

Speaking of the new house. WOW is it coming along. All of my doors (Exterior) and windows are in and we have purchased our appliances. Evadean is on the market for sale and the showings are looking good. I keep praying that things will work out for the best and the transition will be smooth. Apparently it is working because I am not currently freaking out. Yeah Progress.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Yeah Miss Thing!

This weekend was particularly fun for Miss Thing (and for those that are into her cuteness). She figured out how to flip from her back to her front and get out a good belly laugh when being tickled. She continues to light up everything.

Tummy Ache?

This morning on the way to school Super Son complained of a tummy ache. I did the usual diagnostics...Does it hurt if I touch it? (yes) Do you have to go poop? (no) Did you eat too much breakfast? (nope again)...with no other outward symptoms I dropped him off at school with a kiss and a mention to his teacher to call if he started feeling worse, but I couldn't find anything wrong with him.. She suggested maybe he has a nervous stomach and was upset about something. Reasonable theory, but strange that it would have popped up so recently. I called Eddie to mention it and recalled that he had complained of the same thing once or twice over the weekend. Eddie recounted some very similar conversations and I began to worry even more about my little man and his digestive health. I began to recount his various BM's (yes that would be poop analysis on a Monday morning) and consider if he might be constipated, eaten some kind of foreign object and when I would need to take him to the doctor with the evidence I had compiled. Then Eddie reminded me..."The other morning he was doing the ab roller wheel wasn't he?" I guess that could cause one kind of a tummy ache. Super Son has had his first bout of over workout regret.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Eyes are everywhere

On the way to school this morning...

Super Son: Mom, I don't want to eat my banana. It's old.
Mom: Super Son the banana is not old, but if you don't want to eat it then just hold on and I will throw it away when we get to school
Super Son: But it is squishy
Mom: Just hold on for a few minutes and I will take it from you
Super Son: I am going to throw it on the floor
Mom: You better not or you will go to time out
Whoosh Thump (sound of banana hitting the floor of the truck)
Mom: Super Son I am very disappointed that you threw your banana on the floor. You are going to have to go to time out when we get to school.
Super Son: I didn't throw it... it jumped.
Mom (Laughing): No It did not. I saw you in the mirror and you threw it.
Super Son: You need a new truck with not so many mirrors

Monday, January 23, 2006

Even More Good News

I heard from Uncle G over the weekend and am glad to hear that he will be back from Afghanistan in a month or so. Time to get busy planning Miss Thing's baptism and maybe a combo housewarming (go Hero Husband go!)

Can't wait to see you G!

Miss Thing had her 4 month shots today. She is in the 50th percentile on height and weight and 25th on head circumference. How cute...she has her daddy's little noggin. Super Son decided he wanted to come with us to the check up and constructed an earache story to ensure the chance. Dr. Brown was kind enough to confirm that his ears are all cleared up **great news** and he got a toy for Miss Thing getting her shots. I am not sure how fair that is, but I have no doubt that she will get her fair share of licks in down the road.

The house is still plugging right along. We almost made it to "dried in" status before it rained over the weekend, but no damage done. You can really walk around and feel how everything is coming together and I am loving it. We have decided to install a wood burning stove and have found a location that doesn't cause too much confusion elsewhere. My sweet friend Dawn (interior designer extraordinare) had been so kind as to take me to some great supply places and help to choose some of the finishes. My "matchy matchy" nerves have been calmed and I am really excited about the way it will all look together.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Big Announcement

The news arrived today that Super Son and Miss Thing won't be the only little babies running around our family. #2 and her back cracker of a husband are expecting their own little bundle of joy! Congratulations you guys. We knew you could do it : ) I wonder if this will amplify the spoiling that occurs or if it will dissipate? I am looking forward to being an auntie! Can't wait to meet you little Bombino - I feel a nick name brewing already

Sunday, January 15, 2006

General Goings On

I am not sure exactly what I did to surprise Miss Thing on this particular trip somewhere, but apparently it worked. She has sucessfully completed 2 weeks at daycare. It has been much easier on her that it has been for me, although, I am happy to say we have all adjusted and I am still enjoying my daily drop ins to visit. It has been a few days since I last "forgot" that I was taking her to school and not to the office with me and had to change lanes at the last minute when I remembered. She is getting cuter by the day. Even the little bald spot on the back of her head is cute. Strangely enough she likes to have her diaper changed. I think it is because I am usually making a funny face at the interesting odors that come with the task, but then again it could just be that she gets a few tickles each time too. She is the ultimate laid back baby. I thought Super Son was easy, but man this girl goes to sleep on her own, rarely gets grumpy and has figured out that baths are fun. I hope that the trend stays on track until she is in her teens, but I dare say I am counting my chickens...

The house is coming along beautifully. We have had a few hiccups with the framers and Hero Husband is cracking heads as needed to keep everyone on task. We hope to have a roof and be dried in next week. If the schedule holds true we will be moving in around the first of May.

I went with Jayme last week to pick up her books for law school. That was hilarious. Just call me Shannon the sherpa. I can't imagine shopping for all that mess without a sherpa. She starts back next week for her last semester of law school. Woo hoo Go Jayme! Ross has started his clinical internship and is really enjoying it. It is great to see them both coming to such a great place both professionally and personally.

Baby is awake and I hate one handed typing...

Friday, January 13, 2006

Being There

On the way to school a few weeks ago:

Super Son: Mom, can we get that big box down today?
Mom: Super Son, I don't think I can do that by myself. We will probably have to wait for Daddy to get home and help.
Super Son: It's okay Mom, I'll be there for you.
Mom: Okay Super Son we'll try- Thanks for being there for me.
Super Son: It's alright.

Return of Health...well kind of

Finally everyone at my house is starting to feel better. We are all still congested, but no more fever, earaches, sleepless nights and vomiting and that is something to be truly grateful for.

Yesterday was #2's birthday and we all packed up to go to Mom & Dad's house for the big shindig. I cooked the mushrooms and managed to avoid poisoning anyone (always a good sign) and Grandma with her apprentice Super Son filled up 40 or so birdfeeders in the back yard. Hero Husband was drafted into service and was appointed the hanger of all birdfeeders. After the 20th one you could tell he was running out of room to hang them all and had to increase the level of creativity to get them all up in the trees.

It seems like all I have done lately with Super Son is battle over this 4 year old thing or that. After a wonderful meeting with my Wednesday girls I came away re-committed to keeping this from being such a battle and living up to my potential as his Mom. The last two days have been better and I am feeling refreshed instead of overwhelmed.

At Mom & Dad's last night they had some photos that were just developed. The rolls of film had been found lying around the house and no one knew how long they had been there. Many of them were duds, but I found this one in there.

It is from New Years Eve 2002. Sometimes he is so big and grown up it is hard to remember when he was just "my little guy". An appropriately timed reminder. Boy do I love him.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Conversations with Super Son...The wisdom of a four year old

SS: Mom, Can I have a cookie?
Me: No Super Son, it is too close to bed time.
SS: But Mom, Cookies are so tasty.
Me: If you can come up with something that cute you get at least a bite.
SS: Yeah!

SS: Mom what are you doing?
Me: Eating a salad. What are you doing?
SS: Mom people don't eat leaves, caterpillars eat leaves.

Add an earache to the list

Hero Husband took Super Son to the doctor this morning and he has his first ear infection in 2 years. Last time we went down this path he had tubes put in and his adenoids taken out. Hopefully this will be an isolated incident. Here are my "incredible" kids.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Illness Abounds

It all began Thursday night around midnight. Princess Pickle woke up around midnight and Hero Husband went to check on her. He came back to bed griping that I had dressed her too warm. I changed her pjs and brought her to bed with us. She stayed warm the rest of the night and around 5 we took her temp. Baby girl has now had her first fever. With no outward symptoms other than the fever we gave her some Tylenol and called for an appointment. Then the cedar arrived. My eyes are so dry I want to scratch them with a wire brush and my nose/faucet has begun its annual drip fest. Princess Pickle saw the Doc and they did some blood work to rule out a bladder or urinary tract infection. All is good and she just needs a few days of TLC.

We made a quick trip out to the Perdanales River to visit some friends. We have been working for what seems like a month to find a time to get together and ask them to bee Miss Thing's God Parents. The food was great, company even better and they accepted. We are still waiting to find out when Uncle G will be home so we can have her baptized and everything is a go.

Once we got home everyone went to bed and after feeding Miss Thing around midnight Super Son woke us up with a very scary scream. He has caught the plague (or she caught it from him - you never can tell) and threw up in his bed and again all the way to the bathroom. 1 Sore throat, 2 runny noses, a cough and 3 days of fever later Hero Husband came home and said he was starting to feel wiped out and wondered if he was getting sick.

AARRRGGHHHH...I deserve a day at the spa after this is over.

Testing this sucker out

Okay. My little sister has a blog and in order to post on hers I had to create a log-in and therefore a blog of my own. Seems kind of an interesting way to keep those around me who are technologically interested up to date with the goings on in this little family of ours. We Shall See...