Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Eyes are everywhere

On the way to school this morning...

Super Son: Mom, I don't want to eat my banana. It's old.
Mom: Super Son the banana is not old, but if you don't want to eat it then just hold on and I will throw it away when we get to school
Super Son: But it is squishy
Mom: Just hold on for a few minutes and I will take it from you
Super Son: I am going to throw it on the floor
Mom: You better not or you will go to time out
Whoosh Thump (sound of banana hitting the floor of the truck)
Mom: Super Son I am very disappointed that you threw your banana on the floor. You are going to have to go to time out when we get to school.
Super Son: I didn't throw it... it jumped.
Mom (Laughing): No It did not. I saw you in the mirror and you threw it.
Super Son: You need a new truck with not so many mirrors

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