Sunday, January 15, 2006

General Goings On

I am not sure exactly what I did to surprise Miss Thing on this particular trip somewhere, but apparently it worked. She has sucessfully completed 2 weeks at daycare. It has been much easier on her that it has been for me, although, I am happy to say we have all adjusted and I am still enjoying my daily drop ins to visit. It has been a few days since I last "forgot" that I was taking her to school and not to the office with me and had to change lanes at the last minute when I remembered. She is getting cuter by the day. Even the little bald spot on the back of her head is cute. Strangely enough she likes to have her diaper changed. I think it is because I am usually making a funny face at the interesting odors that come with the task, but then again it could just be that she gets a few tickles each time too. She is the ultimate laid back baby. I thought Super Son was easy, but man this girl goes to sleep on her own, rarely gets grumpy and has figured out that baths are fun. I hope that the trend stays on track until she is in her teens, but I dare say I am counting my chickens...

The house is coming along beautifully. We have had a few hiccups with the framers and Hero Husband is cracking heads as needed to keep everyone on task. We hope to have a roof and be dried in next week. If the schedule holds true we will be moving in around the first of May.

I went with Jayme last week to pick up her books for law school. That was hilarious. Just call me Shannon the sherpa. I can't imagine shopping for all that mess without a sherpa. She starts back next week for her last semester of law school. Woo hoo Go Jayme! Ross has started his clinical internship and is really enjoying it. It is great to see them both coming to such a great place both professionally and personally.

Baby is awake and I hate one handed typing...

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