Monday, January 09, 2006

Illness Abounds

It all began Thursday night around midnight. Princess Pickle woke up around midnight and Hero Husband went to check on her. He came back to bed griping that I had dressed her too warm. I changed her pjs and brought her to bed with us. She stayed warm the rest of the night and around 5 we took her temp. Baby girl has now had her first fever. With no outward symptoms other than the fever we gave her some Tylenol and called for an appointment. Then the cedar arrived. My eyes are so dry I want to scratch them with a wire brush and my nose/faucet has begun its annual drip fest. Princess Pickle saw the Doc and they did some blood work to rule out a bladder or urinary tract infection. All is good and she just needs a few days of TLC.

We made a quick trip out to the Perdanales River to visit some friends. We have been working for what seems like a month to find a time to get together and ask them to bee Miss Thing's God Parents. The food was great, company even better and they accepted. We are still waiting to find out when Uncle G will be home so we can have her baptized and everything is a go.

Once we got home everyone went to bed and after feeding Miss Thing around midnight Super Son woke us up with a very scary scream. He has caught the plague (or she caught it from him - you never can tell) and threw up in his bed and again all the way to the bathroom. 1 Sore throat, 2 runny noses, a cough and 3 days of fever later Hero Husband came home and said he was starting to feel wiped out and wondered if he was getting sick.

AARRRGGHHHH...I deserve a day at the spa after this is over.

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