Friday, January 13, 2006

Return of Health...well kind of

Finally everyone at my house is starting to feel better. We are all still congested, but no more fever, earaches, sleepless nights and vomiting and that is something to be truly grateful for.

Yesterday was #2's birthday and we all packed up to go to Mom & Dad's house for the big shindig. I cooked the mushrooms and managed to avoid poisoning anyone (always a good sign) and Grandma with her apprentice Super Son filled up 40 or so birdfeeders in the back yard. Hero Husband was drafted into service and was appointed the hanger of all birdfeeders. After the 20th one you could tell he was running out of room to hang them all and had to increase the level of creativity to get them all up in the trees.

It seems like all I have done lately with Super Son is battle over this 4 year old thing or that. After a wonderful meeting with my Wednesday girls I came away re-committed to keeping this from being such a battle and living up to my potential as his Mom. The last two days have been better and I am feeling refreshed instead of overwhelmed.

At Mom & Dad's last night they had some photos that were just developed. The rolls of film had been found lying around the house and no one knew how long they had been there. Many of them were duds, but I found this one in there.

It is from New Years Eve 2002. Sometimes he is so big and grown up it is hard to remember when he was just "my little guy". An appropriately timed reminder. Boy do I love him.

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