Monday, January 30, 2006

Tummy Ache?

This morning on the way to school Super Son complained of a tummy ache. I did the usual diagnostics...Does it hurt if I touch it? (yes) Do you have to go poop? (no) Did you eat too much breakfast? (nope again)...with no other outward symptoms I dropped him off at school with a kiss and a mention to his teacher to call if he started feeling worse, but I couldn't find anything wrong with him.. She suggested maybe he has a nervous stomach and was upset about something. Reasonable theory, but strange that it would have popped up so recently. I called Eddie to mention it and recalled that he had complained of the same thing once or twice over the weekend. Eddie recounted some very similar conversations and I began to worry even more about my little man and his digestive health. I began to recount his various BM's (yes that would be poop analysis on a Monday morning) and consider if he might be constipated, eaten some kind of foreign object and when I would need to take him to the doctor with the evidence I had compiled. Then Eddie reminded me..."The other morning he was doing the ab roller wheel wasn't he?" I guess that could cause one kind of a tummy ache. Super Son has had his first bout of over workout regret.

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