Saturday, February 25, 2006

A rousing game of...Candy Land

Mom: Super Son you made it to the candy castle first. You Beat Me!
Super Son: Ha! Yeah!... Mom, I am going to beat you again tomorrow morning.
Mom: Oh really, what if I beat you?
Super Son: You won't

I think he is right

Friday, February 24, 2006

Not again

Having two children has proved to be difficult keeping them both healthy. It seems like every day for the last month one of the three of us has been sick. This has been one time that Eddie being so busy at the new house has been a good thing...he has managed to stay healthy. Ava started running fever last weekend with no other symptoms and still less than 6 months old she had to go through blood tests and a flu test to find out it was just a virus that would have to run its course. It was nice having a few days home with her and as soon as she was starting to feel better I got pink eye. I am doing everything I can to keep from touching the kids without fully disinfecting myself, but that has proved to be more difficult than I imagined and I am just praying that they don't get it.

Great news that all of our showings have generated a buyer for our "old" house. She wants to close very quickly so if all goes well next week Eddie and I will be renters for the first time in nearly 10 years. Feels kind of strange converting my homeowners insurance policy to a renters and remembering to pay rent instead of a mortgage. It is really nice to be able to get back to our regular life and not ultra clean and organized lady. I didn't anticipate how much I would like having everything always put away and the beds made, but at the same time I didn't fully realize how much I would hate doing all of those things when I am already running 10 minutes late getting out the door.

The construction on the house is going well and we are making progress. Eddie and I picked out some exterior colors and he has painted what siding there is on the first floor. It looks really great and I love the choices. I think they will tie beautifully with the rock on the outside too. The plumbers managed to single handedly mess up the schedule and delay us by 3 1/2 weeks. They finally showed up today to finish what they started 8 days ago and arrived with the wrong bath tub. Lovely. I am thinking that the scheduler has it out for us, but hopefully the friends that we have that work there will keep an eye out for us and we will at least stay on schedule from here on out. Between the plumbers and the city inspectors (I won't bore you with the gory details, but lets just say that Rich and Donna have the right idea of being outside of the City and not having to deal with them) I am beginning to wonder if there is a reason we aren't supposed to be on schedule with this project ; )

Jayme's father-in-law was in town over the last week and she had a number of social gatherings so I haven't seen her in a while. I hope to this weekend, but at the same time she has a lot to catch up now. I encouraged her to buy some maternity pants to help with her regular pant discomfort and it sounds like it has worked. I am wondering if not having seen her in a while she is starting to look at all different. When I was pregnant with Super Son and Miss Thing I remember telling her how hard it was to eat healthy food in the beginning. The hunger was unimaginable and the only thing that didn't make me want to toss my cookies was from the oh so healthy hamburger, milkshake, french fry, pizza family of foods. She used to tell me "choose carrots" "You can do it" The other night she called me and confessed that she always thought I was making it up and using the baby as a reason to eat junk. Now she understood. I find it slightly amusing, but more just want her to know that I am sympathetic and am living proof that it will pass...and the extra milk shake weight will come off!

I had a great lunch today with Leticia and Dawn. They are such amazing friends and so wise in their friendship and guidance. Thank you God for giving me such an amazing support system. They know my heart so well.

Last night I passed Eddie in the bedroom as we ran back and forth getting the kids to bed. I asked a really ridiculous question and he looked at me with the taunting sparkle in his eye that is reserved just for me and gave me a really smart alec reply. I just laughed and kissed him and told him how much I missed him lately. Leticia related a few weeks ago that we seldom spend much time in the rooms, or events, of our life. We try to make them special, our weddings, births etc., but they are just the rooms. We spend most of our time getting from room to room in the "hallways" of life. How important is it not to just get from one place to the other and pass each other in the hall and miss each other. We have all been so busy but man was I glad to find him there and really enjoy that moment in the "hallway".

Super Son is laying on the floor on top of his foam baseball bat informing me that it is his rocket and he is going to take off. I am going to take this chance to segue that into a rocket trip upstairs for bed time. Nighty night...

Thursday, February 16, 2006

4 years

Today is the day after my sweet little boy turned 4. Super Son had a great time at his birthday party and the kids all seemed to have fun. I ran the entire time it seemed like, but traded spots with Eddie here and there to get to play some games. Super Son is such a good kid. He does his typical 4 year old shenannigans and I love his tenacity (most of the time). Miss Thing spent most of the evening curled up with Grama napping or staring at Chuck-E-Cheese dancing on stage. She was patient as always. The late party on Valentine's Day worked out beautifully and Super Son got to open one present before bed that night and one before school yesterday. The delay was appropriate and Super Son really got to play with a few things before the onslaught of everything else last night. We got home around 6 and as I sat feeding Miss Thing Super Son tore into everything else. It was all I could do to get him to look for cards first so I knew who/where to send thank you cards. Spiderman, Power Rangers, Hot Wheels and Superman make a great birthday when you are 4 apparently. I love most that he still thinks his dad is the big hero(which he is) and doesn't want to grow up to be a power ranger, but a fireman. He got a learning microscope from a friend at school and is really enjoying looking at the bugs. He is more corageous about them these days. Last night he walked into Miss Thing's room and said "mom, a bug" to which I replied "don't worry I'll get it" This would usually sprial into a MOMMMM get it now and instead (now being 4 and all) I turn around to see him laying on the floor at eye level poking (what was determined to be a pyuck or a fuzzball) it to determine what it was. He still loves to show me his muscles and tell me he is stronger than me. I don't mind. Soon enough he will be.

A good friend yesterday mentioned that she is keeping a journal for her daughter of the different things that are going on with her (the daughter) as she grows up. She thought that it seemed like an interesting thing if she could look back at her mom's notes about what she did when she was 2, 3 or 4. I am intrigued by the idea and think that I will try to do the same for my kids. Case in point the family was out at Grama & Grampa's not too long ago and Miss Thing put her thumb in her mouth and quickly drifted off to sleep. Grama said "Oh how sweet she sucks her thumb, just like her mom." My response was what...I sucked my thumb. I then learned that not only was I a thumb sucker but I loved it until I was 4. I am semi-skeptical because I am sure that somewhere along the way I would have learned this and at least it would have shown up in pictures at some point, but nonetheless I think it would be fun for Miss Thing & Super Son to know what I thought about their various stages and what made me craziest along the way.

#2 and Back Cracker are doing well and Bombino is now something like 2 cm long. I am excited for them and enjoying #2's membership into the mommy club.

I have decided that my life is very much like a train. Running along the track nice and smooth and the conductor (who I don't always agree with or always like very much) speeds up and slows down as he sees fit. Right now time is speeding by me. I am trying so much to relish all of the precious little moments with my family, but the more I relish the faster they seem to pass me by. Miss Thing has figured out that toys are actually fun and that she can eat them. She has this really precious little way of attacking them (or your finger- whatever is most interesting at the time). Cracks me up. I met last week with a wonderful lady who is making her baptismal gown and I can't wait to see it. Mom had some of Great Grandmother's lace to use on the dress and it is going to be beautiful. We are still waiting to get final word on Uncle G and his return date so we can get scheduled at the church. Mom has also decided that she wants Granny's rocking chair back. I am annoyed by this. In part because it equates in my mind with wanting to take my kids dresser. This is a piece of furniture that I really use. Every day and most often at night and the proposition of just swaying with a cranky baby in the middle of the night just isn't nice. But also, because I have an emotional attachment with it. This is the chair that I was rocked in as a child, watched my granny rock in and the chair that I have rocked both of my children to sleep in over the last four years. That being said I have decided that an emotional attachment to furniture is not a good thing and I am now on the hunt for an overstuffed glider ideally with an ottoman. I know that this will be an unmanageable temptation for Super Son as he can barely walk by them in the stores without pretending they are moving rocks in a dangerous river to be jumped from one to the next to escape something scary, but I am willing to deal with that. Now I just have to get over the hurdle of having to spend $500 on new stuff when we are digging pretty deep in coffers with the construction of the new house. Not that I don't like new stuff, but I would much rather be buying new stuff for the new house than replacing something I already have.

Speaking of the new house. WOW is it coming along. All of my doors (Exterior) and windows are in and we have purchased our appliances. Evadean is on the market for sale and the showings are looking good. I keep praying that things will work out for the best and the transition will be smooth. Apparently it is working because I am not currently freaking out. Yeah Progress.