Thursday, March 30, 2006

Low Ways ?

Conversation on the way home earlier this week...

Super Son: Mom, Open the glass (aka sunroof)
Mom: Super Son, If I open the sunroof it will get too windy. We are getting on to the highway now.
Super Son: Can we take the low-way instead?
Mom: (giggling) That is a great idea, but I don't see any.
Super Son: Okay. (Long Pause) What street are we on now?
Mom: Mopac.
Super Son: Mopac. That's silly. Is it a highway or a low way?
Mom: Yes it is silly and it is a highway.
Super Son: MOM! I see a low way right there (aka access road) can we get on it.
Mom: You know what, that sounds good to me.
Super Son: Yeah! Now open the glass.

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