Friday, April 28, 2006

Cutie Tootie

Miss Thing is growing so very big and is now crawling and pulling up on me and whatever else holds still. She loves her naps and has more fun laughing with/at Super Son than anyone else.

Speed Racer

Super Son and I have made a tradition of doing the Fertile Hope 5k each year. Last year when we walked it I was pregnant with Miss Thing and this year we had sweet baby sister to join us. We had a great time and while my knees kept me from doing the full course it didn't keep Super Son from running the kids K. He had a great time and came in so fast I thought he had cut the course. At the very end when our friends came across the finish line I asked Todd how Super Son did and I was informed that he ran the whole thing and smoked it. He was so proud took a great nap that afternoon. Way to go Super Son!

Good Dog Gus

Easter Sunday we went to the lot early in the morning to check in on the dogs and show my Dad the progress on the house. When we got there and let the dogs out only Hunter came running. Sweet Gus was over 10 years old and his body was tired and years of seizures had taken their toll. We think he died stretched out in the grass with his brother Hunter by his side as the Easter sun rose. Super Son is only 4 and has now learned his first lesson in mortality. Gus was always the "higher maintenance" of the two dogs and without Hunter would have been miserable...his passing first was a gift in that sense. Hunter is doing well and enjoying the benefits that his mellow personality generates like sleeping in our room and playtime on the floor with the kids. We love and miss you Augustus Chatterbox ...

Her Mother's Daughter

Those who know me at all know that I am a bag lady. I am a sucker for a purse or bag that catches my eye or strikes my fancy. It seems that Miss Thing is cut from the same cloth. She has discovered a new love. Coach leather...

Miss Thing's Baptism

We were so glad to have so much of our family come together for Miss Thing's baptism. We were truly a community in Christ welcoming her. She was precious and beautiful and the entire service was made all the more special by the mass we were able to celebrate with it.

Housing Progress

We are in the last weeks of finishing up the house and everything is coming along. Still not without drama and bumps in the road, but a house none the less and we are moving in a few weeks. We have found some great pricing and are planning on hiring a mover to handle at least the big stuff. Cabinets are partially in and Hero Husband is working on the wood floors. It looks more and more beautiful every day. I am starting to pack up a box a day to get a little lead on things and we have paid rent through the end of May to give some flex time and leave us without a need for rush...we'll see if we are out early enough to make that a reality.