Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Summer Vacation

With the new house and what has amounted to a very busy summer it was not looking great for the our little family to get a vacation this summer. My benevolent boss has a condo in Chicago that he made available to us that made the decision for us and off we went. More of a long weekend, but needed, and oh so much fun. Super Son was really excited about flying on an airplane and getting to see Sue the T-Rex. Miss Thing relished in the family time, the constant audience provided by downtown city life and not having to ride in a car seat for 3 whole days. Hero Husband and I enjoyed not having to drive anywhere, walking to the store for ice cream and morning runs on the lakeshore. Okay Hero Husband enjoyed the runs and I enjoyed his sweaty company afterwards, but all around it was a great time. Millenium Park was a last minute addition to the agenda when we found ourselves that far south on Michigan Avenue (Giordano's Pizza mmmm) I am so glad that we weren't deterred by the crowds. Super Son had an absolute blast and Miss Thing only slightly less fun because Mom wouldn't let her sit down in the water (it was breezy and cool in the shade and she gets cold really quickly). If you haven't been, you should go. Giant pictures of Chicagoans who eventually spit on you doesn't sound like a good time, but I promise it is. Over and out for now

Happy Birthday Car Car!

One of my favorite men in the world celebrated the big 9-0 not long ago and we had the very distinct pleasure of being there to love on him. Happy Birthday Car Car! I hope I am as charming, fun to be around, talented and good looking as you at 90.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Yes, this is a face whack to the superhero at the dinner table

Full Swing of Summer

It is hot in Texas in the summer. I guess I have known this for many years, but for whatever reason the memories seem to be a little like childbirth. You forget how hard it was and just remember the wonderful parts until it gets hellishly hot again and begin to curse your bad memory. I guess this year we have gotten off somewhat easy in that it is now mid July and we are just getting into the real 100 degree plus days. That fun memory thing is in full gear as I am glad not to be pregnant this summer, but for whatever reason last summer didn't bother me much.

The contents of the boxes have started to find their way to their ultimate homes and while there is still a list of projects to complete we are really enjoying being home. It goes without saying that the kids love the pool and Super Son has become quite the swimmer. He dives off the side and swims down to pick up toys off the steps and bottom. Just the other day I heard "Watch me Mom...Are you watching?" and could barely contain my smile and laugh. I remember so vividly saying the same thing (over and over) and being so concerned that my audience wasn't attentive enough or adequately impressed with my new feat.

We have also ventured fearlessly into the realm of superherodom. Is that actually a place? I think it is more a state of mind and one where my precious son spends a lot of time. He is super strong, super speedy and don't forget mom "your super power is invisibility" At least we are all in for this adventure. Miss Thing too who is sometimes super noisy and other times super fast...for a baby that is. I am just counting my blessings that he hasn't jumped off of anything higher than the couch. The super strong Super Son sometimes likes lifting up his sister which is very cute but stressful for everyone else. Okay stressful for me and Hero Husband. Miss Thing thinks it is pretty funny. At first she got the look on her face like a cat who is being schlepped around by a two year old and then started laughing hysterically. No that didn't do much for the don't hurt your sister dissertation I was delivering in the background.

Miss Thing in all of her cuteness got two more teeth. Uppers this time, however, they happen to be vampire teeth vs the usual front teeth. Okay just a little funny until she begins hissing. Thankfully I made a little movie of her doing this because I am fairly certian no one would believe me. Sadly she has now outgrown the hissing, but the vampire teeth are still there in all their glory. Hero Husband and I noticed yesterday that her front left tooth is getting ready to break the surface (no I haven't been getting too much sleep thank you very much). I found myself a little sad at the prospect of her funny little smile being a little more toothy. That has passed only to be replaced by big girl pajamas. Let me explain...My little girl is still so little that she doesn't keep the covers on when she sleeps and to keep her nice and comfy she sleeps in long sleeve, zip up the front footie pajamas. She has had a little growth spurt recently and is in need of the next size (9-12 month). Off we go to Walmart (who has the best price on the brand I like) and I can't find them in her size. When I inquired I was told that all of the PJ's for 12 months and up were over there (accompanied by a pointing gesture). I complied and walked over "there" only to be horrified that "there" was a rack of big girl pajamas. As in Dora the explorer and nemo separates. No footies, no long sleeves, no more sweet baby pajamas eeekkk.. Hero Husband's response "I think she was getting hot anyway" It doesn't help that she is standing and letting go as she finds her balance and considers beginning to walk. I have had to say a few more times than I would like in the last few days "Stay little...please" to which I usually get a gleeful smack in the face while "someone" tries to remove my earrings. I love her, find glory in her accomplishments, even love her changes but still find it sad as it happens before my eyes. I do hereby reserve my right to hit Gymboree and pay ridiculous prices for footie Pj's in the winter.

In the next edition - Hero Husband has gone vegan... will the rest of the house follow?
Enough already... now more pictures