Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Summer Vacation

With the new house and what has amounted to a very busy summer it was not looking great for the our little family to get a vacation this summer. My benevolent boss has a condo in Chicago that he made available to us that made the decision for us and off we went. More of a long weekend, but needed, and oh so much fun. Super Son was really excited about flying on an airplane and getting to see Sue the T-Rex. Miss Thing relished in the family time, the constant audience provided by downtown city life and not having to ride in a car seat for 3 whole days. Hero Husband and I enjoyed not having to drive anywhere, walking to the store for ice cream and morning runs on the lakeshore. Okay Hero Husband enjoyed the runs and I enjoyed his sweaty company afterwards, but all around it was a great time. Millenium Park was a last minute addition to the agenda when we found ourselves that far south on Michigan Avenue (Giordano's Pizza mmmm) I am so glad that we weren't deterred by the crowds. Super Son had an absolute blast and Miss Thing only slightly less fun because Mom wouldn't let her sit down in the water (it was breezy and cool in the shade and she gets cold really quickly). If you haven't been, you should go. Giant pictures of Chicagoans who eventually spit on you doesn't sound like a good time, but I promise it is. Over and out for now

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