Wednesday, August 09, 2006


The end of an era has arrived and as Hero Husband put it "I have buried my last dog". Hunter had been struggling to get around for the last 8 weeks or so since we moved. We presumed it was his arthritis and a little bit of the blues after Gus died. I wasn't entirely prepared when we took him into the vet to be told that he had bone cancer that was advanced and it was time to let him go. In his last few days he was petted a lot, bathed and brushed, comfy on his bed in the corner, full with yummy canned dog food and treats. I only thought I was giving him a little TLC to boost his mood and help him transition into old age a little better. On his last morning he was carried by Hero Husband and it reminded me of the days over 10 years ago when we had to pick him up to take him anywhere. I think he felt loved and was peaceful, happy to see Gus again and glad to not be hurting anymore. He and Gus survived the huge upset from being only dogs to the arrival of Super Son and Miss Thing, numerous moves and remodels and a flood and were always great, happy spirited dogs. They even survived seizures, jumping out of the bed of moving vehicles a Thanksgiving towel eating incident and an infinite number of "get off the couch" ramblings from me with none-the-wiser happy dispositions. They are buried under the big tree in the back yard. Super Son has been filling his pockets with rocks from the playground at school and bringing them home to lay on their graves. Any dog we bring home now will belong to Super Son & Miss Thing. We loved them both so very much and the closing of this chapter in our lives has been surprisingly difficult for me. Why it has been surprising I don't quite know. These were after all the dogs that were infamously on the answering machine, road trips, vacations, our Christmas cards and our hearts for more years than we have been parents.

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  1. Oh, I am so very sorry. It is the end of an era. Tom and I remember so vividly losing "our" last dog before Matthew and Zach got Christy and Ada, both of whom belong to the boys and not us. What you wrote spoke to my heart. love, Susan