Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Super Son's inagural soccer season has ended and last night was the team dinner. After pizza and video games his coaches handed out trophys to the team. The look on Super Son's face was priceless as coach Andrea said "For the fastest runner, Super Son!" He is so proud and so are we. His joy and pride in that moment made the entire season for me worth while.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Super Son at One Year Old - Look how much he has changed

Super Son at the Capitol

Super Son at the Dentist earlier this week

Cowboy Super Son

Miss Thing loves to pat baby Bean

Snuggle Time

Our "station night" bed time routine usually consists of a bath for the kids where Super Son gets to hang in the tub and play while I dress and put Miss Thing down for the night. Occassionally the pruney fingers and toes get to be too much and he gets out and gets dressed on his own. Last night was one of those and Super Son peeked in to tell me he was going to read a book in his room while I finished up with Miss Thing. A few minutes later I went to get him for our "Mommy Time" and found him on the floor in his room crying. In his lap was a board book that had his picture (as a 10 month old) inserted into various zoo animal bodies. "Super Son, honey, what's wrong?" I asked "I miss being a baby" as he pointed at the picture of him as a little guy. I gave him a big hug and we talked about all the cool things that only big guys can do. Including having snuggle time and ice cream in Mommy's bed after Miss Thing had gone to sleep which he gladly accepted. Four is such a big boy, but not so big to miss a chance for a good snuggle every chance you can.


Super Son has re-discovered a stuffed animal that Hero Husband bought for him close to 4 years ago. A fuzzy elk that came home from a Colorado hunting trip. A while back I walked into his room to say goodnight to find Hero Husband and Super Son laying on the bed with Hero Husband's tell-tale smirk just waiting to break into a grin. "Mom" Super Son said jumping up excitedly "look what I've got. He's Horny" I laughed, Hero Husband laughed and Super Son finished off his point "see Mom, He has horns" my reply "Super Son I think they are antlers". Needless to say Horny has stuck around and so has his name.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Conversations with Super Son...condensed slightly

On the way to the dentist this morning

Super Son: Mom, I have a pet snake. Wanna see it?

Mom: Sure Super Son (looking back at the sunglasses tether he has curled up in his hand) What kind of a snake is it?

Super Son: A rattlesnake

Mom: Wow that's dangerous be careful she doesn't bite you rattlesnakes are venemous.

Super Son: She won't bite she came to live with me from the jungle. She likes to lick with her tounge and she can slither back and forth.

Mom: What's her name?

Super Son: Miss Thing...Hi Miss Thing, you are a pretty snake. I like your teeth. This is the other Miss Thing (Showing the real Miss Thing his new imaginary pet) Miss Thing, do you want to pet Miss Thing?

Miss Thing (not the snake): Laughing