Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Conversations with Super Son...condensed slightly

On the way to the dentist this morning

Super Son: Mom, I have a pet snake. Wanna see it?

Mom: Sure Super Son (looking back at the sunglasses tether he has curled up in his hand) What kind of a snake is it?

Super Son: A rattlesnake

Mom: Wow that's dangerous be careful she doesn't bite you rattlesnakes are venemous.

Super Son: She won't bite she came to live with me from the jungle. She likes to lick with her tounge and she can slither back and forth.

Mom: What's her name?

Super Son: Miss Thing...Hi Miss Thing, you are a pretty snake. I like your teeth. This is the other Miss Thing (Showing the real Miss Thing his new imaginary pet) Miss Thing, do you want to pet Miss Thing?

Miss Thing (not the snake): Laughing

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