Saturday, January 20, 2007

Life Lessons

A few weeks ago I had the kids with me to stop and pick up a baby gift for a friend. While we were in the little shop Super Son began rifling around for something to occupy him while I completed the transaction. As we were preparing to leave he came up to me with a nice blue die cast airplane. "Mom, can I have this?" he asked. "No, honey. You have a birthday coming really soon and we aren't buying any toys until then." He promptly began to whine and then cry about the injustice of him not being able to have the beautiful plane. We managed to get loaded up into the car without being accused of child abuse and on the drive home through the heaving breaths between sobs began to talk about it. I suggested that he could do some chores around the house and earn the money to buy the beloved plane. Wisely he asked "How much does it cost?" I didn't know the answer but promised to call the shop and find out. He insisted that I didn't know the phone number, but was pleased that when we got to our next destination I pulled out the sales receipt and called the shopkeeper. I explained the situation and she knew just what plane had caused all the commotion. She told me and I relayed to Super Son that the plane was $7. Over the next two weeks Super Son asked for many chores. Some he liked (folding sheets as long as you get to climb inside at least once and play puppy) and was really good at (cleaning up his room). The best part was that he took such pride in what he was doing. The immediate gratification of putting the money into his little allowance jar and adding up how much he had earned and subtracting to find out how much more he had to go memorizing the value of the different coins and thier names. He earned every last cent and yesterday Hero Husband traded him $8 in coins for $8 in bills. After school we went to the shop and he dug around, found a plane, similar die cast, but a camoflouge color and kept digging until he found the blue USAF plane that he had been saving for. Proudly he went to the cash register and placed it on the counter and gave the shopkeeper his money. He told her all about the chores and how hard he worked. What a treat that he got some change back and his beautiful plane in its own bag for him to carry. He told me on the way home the next thing he is saving for is a saw for Hero Husband on his birthday. Man I love being this kids Mom.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

blogger down

Geesh it has been a while since I posted. I usually post from the office and for whatever reason I haven't been able to log in from there in quite a while. #2 says I need to clean out my cookies, but I swear I already did that. Anyway...
Christmas was good. We had a great time and the kids were sufficiently spoiled. We unexpectedly had the chance to drive to San Antonio and spend some time with all of my Dad's side of the family. It was really nice.

We are taking the kids in early February to go skiing in New Mexico. I am pretty sure that Miss Thing won't be hitting the slopes, but the snow and time away will be great for us all. #3 has returned from the UAE and will be coming with us. An extra set of hands is always a welcome thing and we are so glad to have the chance to spend some extra time with her. We invited #2, the Back Cracker & Baby Bean but the little one's distaste for the back seat of the car has been prohibitive.

In closing...On the way to school a few weeks ago Super Son was very mad at me. Something in the lines of I made him carry his own lunch box and then he forgot his drink and he was very thirsty. He bellowed and griped for 15 minutes as we drove. I reminded him every few minutes that when he was done I would love to talk to him about it. After a few reminders he looked at me with dagger eyes and said "Stop talking to me until I am done acting like this". The morning improved dramatically after I honored that simple request. If we could all be so honest with our emotions and needs things would be much simpler.