Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tax Day

It would be the busiest day of the year for those of us who deal with taxes on any level that I find the time to post. Go figure... I called in a "daddy drop off" day to get to the office early. I enjoy most of the challenges of my job some of them more than others. Sometimes the pain of being pushed in an area you don't "enjoy" is good ~ speaking in public for me is one of those. Lately I have done a lot of speaking in public. The pushing and stretching in new areas is good but can also be exhausting. I am very tired lately. No doubt Hero Husband is too. He is working long days in Lockhart getting the property there finished and ready for sale. It looks beautiful and he has done a truly amazing job. We have our moments of frustration, but I recognize how blessed I am to have him as a husband. I hope you read this post Hero Husband XO

Kids are growing too fast. Super Son is playing t-ball and Miss Thing seems to be enjoying the ride. She has so many words now and while she is prone to screeching when she isn't pleased with what is happening she still can tell you a lot of what she needs and wants. I just can't hold them close enough to keep them small and at the same time I relish in their changes. I am glad that I am the oldest of 4 and will have all the nieces and nephews to get a baby fix with now that mine are so independent.

Of course no post is complete without some pictures so here you go.