Friday, May 25, 2007

Muddy Buddy

Hero Husband signed up to do the Muddy Buddy a few months ago. Alas, my bum knees prevent me from being a good duathalon partner so he recruited #2 to compete with him. Basically the event is a trail running / mountain biking leap frog event where you and your buddy cover the same terrain and then switch the mode of transport (bike then run) at the end of each leg. #2 strategically analyzed the course and set it up so Hero Husband would have to ride the bike up the "hill of death". Sneaky one that #2. They had a great time and at the end of the race ran together through the obstacle course and then through the mud pit (hence the name muddy buddy). I have never seen a more collectively gross group of people than the competitors as they came out of the mud pit. The elite runners (first wave) actually had it pretty good and the spectators were a little disappointed that they were more wet and a little dirty. Once the mud really got churned up the results were much more entertaining. There was the occaisional costume... priest & nun who were there with their friends the firar & altar boy, hula girls (of course these were actually guys wearing full body hula suits), butterfiles and the crowd favorite (at least immediatly surrounding me) were Ace & Gary aka the ambiguously gay duo from SNL. Back Cracker and I (aka "The Wives") hung out with the kids while #2 & Hero Husband finished with big smiles beaming through the mud.

Super Son finished off the event for us with the Kids Mini-muddy buddy that Hero Husband ran with him through. He had a blast getting fithly (what kid wouldn't) and was so proud that he took his finisher medal, pictures of him and Hero Husband and his sweatband to school the next day to show his friends.

We stopped for lunch at the Nutty Brown Cafe with Mackenzie (from Super Son's school) and her Dad. Naps were had by all. It was a good day.

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