Thursday, July 19, 2007

My Little Astronaut

I "netflix'd" a new Billy Bob Thornton movie called "The Astronaut Farmer" The premise is that a former astronaut trainee turned rancher builds a rocket in his barn with his family and plans to launch himself into orbit until the government prevents him from buying rocket fuel then in desperation he makes his own from a kerosene mix and nearly kills himself when the launch goes haywire. Not one to give up his dream and let down his family he rebuilds and launches sucessfully.

I rented it because it sounded decent, was rated PG (Armageddon wasn't exactly kid friendly)and in case you didn't know Super Son is a little bit of a space crazed little boy.

He loved the movie! The diologue wasn't of course as interesting to him as was the launching but there is no surprise there. He looked over at me at one point and said as serious as he could be "Mommy, I am going to be an astronaut" and then a few minutes later "can we build one in our backyard?"

I adore watching his little wheels work in overdrive when he is excited about something. Every little kid dreams of being something when they grow up. Super Son usually hurdles back and forth between a list of 20 things. One of my few memories when I was small was of hearing and reading about Sally Ride and thinking "I want to be an astronaut". Even now the feeling is very tangible to me and I am relishing getting to live it again through my starward looking son.

As I tucked him into bed tonight he said "Mom when I go to space you will have to pack me some marshmallows because you love me so much" I told him I would pack more marshmallows than he could count and would be so excited to hear what space was like. He told me "29 marshmallows okay" and then drifted off to sleep.

29 it is.

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