Monday, August 27, 2007

It's my birthday!

Well not quite, but still it is only a few days off. The big 31. Super Son thinks that is amazing that I have such a high number. I will have to remind him of that (if his own kids don't ) when he turns 31. Hero Husband leaves for a hunting trip with my Dad on Friday so between that and the first week of school we didn't have much planned. We planned on getting all of our chores, laundry etc. done in the morning and then spending yesterday afternoon relaxing and playing with the kids. This seems like a fine idea to me and I am really looking forward to relishing the last day of summer with them. I am floating in the pool when out the back door walk 2 dozen or so of my favorite people. Hero Husband has never been sucessful in surprising me that way in 13 years and I was very surprised. Even more so he had told Super Son and yet the whole thing remained a secret. There were some clues, but chalked up to a husband with a little too much free time on his hands they didn't set me a sleuthing. It was a beautiful afternoon and the most wonderful way to end the summer. Thanks Babe!

Kindergarten HO!

Kindergarten has officially started. We all got up early this morning, watched the bus drive by (so we would actually know when it comes) and got to school on time. In line waiting for the doors to open we ran into one of Hero Husband's friends from the fire academy who was in our wedding. It has been surprising how many people we have ended up knowing at the school. All good signs in my opinion. Super Son was brave and was working to absorb all of the little reminders we gave him. It seems to be so much for such a little person, but I know he is ready and I can't wait to see him this afternoon and hear all about it. He was coloring a big flower when we waved for the last time breezing by the cry room with a little bounce in our step. Then Hero Husband looked at me and said something to the effect of "that was close, he almost cried"....WHAT... I missed that He didn't seem on the verge to me. Do I need to go back and hug him again? Hero Husband should know better than to say things like that to me.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The joys of transition

Super Son, we have learned, does not like change. He requires lead time to prepare for a transition. I have been gearing him up, talking about the transition and pulling out every salve in my mommy medicine kit to preemptively soothe his nerves. I have justifiably been concerned about how the anxiety related to the transition to kindergarten will maifest itself. Well, this morning I learned. It will come with screaming, crying, hitting and otherwise uncalmable behavior. I am glad that I am a little bit of a meterologist when it comes to him. This storm felt like I was staring at the Nexrad Doppler saying to myself "oh crap, here it comes".

I will skip through the gore, but thankfully a dose of extra hugs, time and a trip to the pharmacy for a box of soft tissues did the trick. The doppler turned from reds to blues to greens and he was smiling by the time I left.

How twisted is it that I love that I get to be the person he screams at. He knows he is safe, that I love him and that he can flip out with me. Thank you God for giving me the the patience to not flip out on him and to just be present with him through his storm. I know one day he will be able to better manage his fears and anxiety, but for now he has his meteorologist and I am happy with that.