Monday, August 27, 2007

It's my birthday!

Well not quite, but still it is only a few days off. The big 31. Super Son thinks that is amazing that I have such a high number. I will have to remind him of that (if his own kids don't ) when he turns 31. Hero Husband leaves for a hunting trip with my Dad on Friday so between that and the first week of school we didn't have much planned. We planned on getting all of our chores, laundry etc. done in the morning and then spending yesterday afternoon relaxing and playing with the kids. This seems like a fine idea to me and I am really looking forward to relishing the last day of summer with them. I am floating in the pool when out the back door walk 2 dozen or so of my favorite people. Hero Husband has never been sucessful in surprising me that way in 13 years and I was very surprised. Even more so he had told Super Son and yet the whole thing remained a secret. There were some clues, but chalked up to a husband with a little too much free time on his hands they didn't set me a sleuthing. It was a beautiful afternoon and the most wonderful way to end the summer. Thanks Babe!

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