Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The joys of transition

Super Son, we have learned, does not like change. He requires lead time to prepare for a transition. I have been gearing him up, talking about the transition and pulling out every salve in my mommy medicine kit to preemptively soothe his nerves. I have justifiably been concerned about how the anxiety related to the transition to kindergarten will maifest itself. Well, this morning I learned. It will come with screaming, crying, hitting and otherwise uncalmable behavior. I am glad that I am a little bit of a meterologist when it comes to him. This storm felt like I was staring at the Nexrad Doppler saying to myself "oh crap, here it comes".

I will skip through the gore, but thankfully a dose of extra hugs, time and a trip to the pharmacy for a box of soft tissues did the trick. The doppler turned from reds to blues to greens and he was smiling by the time I left.

How twisted is it that I love that I get to be the person he screams at. He knows he is safe, that I love him and that he can flip out with me. Thank you God for giving me the the patience to not flip out on him and to just be present with him through his storm. I know one day he will be able to better manage his fears and anxiety, but for now he has his meteorologist and I am happy with that.

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