Monday, November 26, 2007


Around Super Son's 2nd birthday he started "collecting" kisses. It started one night when I gave him extra kisses in the palms of his hands to have if he woke up in the night and needed one. Since then he has reached his hand up to wherever I have bestowed a kiss and scoops it up in his hand and pops it in his mouth "eating" it. Every now and then I give him a kissing bonanza and challenge him to pick them all up before they soak in and he giggles as he collects them all. He collects kisses from Daddy and occasionally from his Aunties, but mostly Mom. As he has gotten older there have been more and more nights that he drifts off before he gets his kisses or is busy telling a story and overlooks his collecting. Last night before bed I laid down with him and recounted the fun of a long holiday weekend, christmas tree shopping and getting to stay in your pjs all day I leaned over kissed him and watched my almost 6 year old little boy collect and eat his kiss from Mom. I love that he hasn't outgrown this yet.

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