Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New Family Member

Hero Husband mentioned a month or so ago that he thought we should get the kids a dog for Christmas. We have enjoyed being pet free for about a year now... No hair, freedom to travel etc. but the time has become right. So off I go investigating breeds and shelters to find the "right" member to add to our family. We were gravitating toward the American Bulldog breed but I don't feel right about getting a dog from a breeder and they are difficult to find in a shelter. I called our old vet to let them know we were looking and was told about Jill. She and her brother Jack were left as puppies tied to a tree when their owner moved away. She is a small (30 lb) lab mix (we think there is some blue heeler mixed in there)and has a remarkably light coat. We went to take a look at her and Miss Thing squealed as Jill rolled on to her back and squirmed for belly pats. We took a family vote and brought her home.

There are some things you just don't learn until you bring a dog home. Jill loves to run. This run is very fast and remarkably bouncy. She also loves to chew and hates to come. She couldn't figure out where to potty in the first few days, but has gotten over that. She slides when she is stopping which is hilarious to watch. She runs so fast that when she is ready to stop she literally lays down on her side and slides in. She kind of resembles an overzealous baseball player. She is great on a leash and as we learned at our first meeting she loves belly pats. I think she is a really smart dog and she has remarkably good manners (looks for permission to eat the things I drop in the kitchen while cooking). The "come" call is the hardest thing right now because she is so fast and we want to train her correctly from the start. She gets a little better each day, but it is apparent that the dog next door, the goat she saw or the sniffing to be done in the grass are all more important than coming to me especially when it means getting out of her bed to go outside.

We took a leap and started calling her Jelly bean which was really cute, but Hero Husband vetoed when he heard himself scolding her for something...No Jelly Bean Down Jelly Bean... You get the drift. I think he might lose his man card for that one.

Jill just doesn't seem to fit her especially without a Jack to match. So...we are looking for suggestions. The winning suggestion gets to give her unlimited belly rubs! Current possibilities are Jenny, Milly and Harlow but please don't feel limited. Just keep the female gender in mind and the desire to retain the man card while taking her for a run.

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