Friday, November 02, 2007

Shannon Who?

Super Son told me the other night that he didn't like it when Hero Husband and I go on dates. He listed the garden variety reasons (want to go with you, don't want to stay home etc)and then asked me "WHY do you have to go on dates?" [emphasis reflects the whiney tone that has replaced his normal voice increasingly lately]. My answer was "Super Son, before there was a you or an Miss Thing there was a Shannon and Hero Husband. We liked each other a lot and decided that we wanted to be together forever. We got married and then you came along and then Miss Thing came along. You guys are amazing and make us Mommy & Daddy, but remember before that we were Shannon & Hero Husband. It is important that to be a good Mommy and Daddy we get a chance to still be Shannon & Hero Husband sometimes. That is why we go on dates". We then talked about how our family is a team and we have to work together to be a good family. We talked about how Super Son likes rockets and k'nex and is a kindergartener, a brother, a son, a cousin, a friend and that all of those things are important parts of who he is.

Earlier in the day I had been surfing myspace for an old friend from my street growing up. When I found her I really enjoyed reading about her and what she was up to and had a chance to "catch up" with her before sending her a message. I took this as a reminder that I should probably update myspace and I went about adding some more pictures of the kids. I deleted some old features and decided a'la Joy that I would fill in some info about myself [it should be noted that everyone who wants to see myspace already knows me because it is friends only]. Everything I had to say about myself related to my kids, husband, sisters and the things that they like to do. EEEKKKK Am I a person who has forgotten what she loves. Oh Crap What do I love? It is lame beyond measure that it took myspace and a sage moment with my 5 year old to remind me that yes I do have to still be Shannon or run the risk of losing her. Last time I checked she was kind of a fun person. I think I will dig her out of the closet and dust her off. By the way I love photography, reading a good book and lately exercising (I didn't see that one coming).

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