Monday, December 29, 2008

Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn

Okay so this is an obscure movie tie in to the fact that my sweet son has Scarlet Fever which with the aid of modern antibiotics is nothing to worry about, but Scarlet Fever sounds more impressive than a strep rash. Super Son has developed a history of getting sick on break from school. He started running a high fever on Christmas night and by Saturday he was covered in red bumps. *Sigh* I do give a damn about the fact that he is uncomfortable and we all have cabin fever from hanging around and trying to take it easy. The fevers seem to be gone now and the antibiotics are doing their job so here's to the downhill side of this adventure in the land of the petry dish otherwise known as my kids.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Things you don't think you will ever say as a parent...but I just did

"The person being hit in the head with the balls deserves to wear the helmet Super Son. Even if it is an astronaut helmet."

You know Twilight is influencing things when...

The kids wanted to watch the Santa Claus movie that was on the abc family channel this morning before breakfast. Pretty tame I figured. Well, I was wrong. It was downright scary. One of these 1970 stop motion movies and while that by itself wasn't so bad the movie gets really dark with these evil little winged creatures trying to keep Santa from taking his toys across the forest to the children who are all sad and depressed without him. Seriously, long toothed, scary, winged viking looking creatures in a stop motion Santa movie. Good Morning! So we get to the end and the green haired fairy leans over the sleeping Santa and kisses him on the head making him immortal. I swear I wasn't drinking either. Then the funny part. Hero Husband looks over at me...

Hero Husband - "What did she make him a vampire or something?"
Super Son - "Like in Twilight?"
Me (laughing somewhat horrified at the turn of events - "No not a Santa Vampire like in Twilight...You guys are weird"

In know Twilight is influencing things when your 6 year old and your husband find a vampire story line in a Santa movie on a Saturday morning.

Sunday, December 07, 2008


A few weeks ago a flyer came home in Super Son's backpack for a Creative Dramatics workshop at the high school around the corner. I described it to him as a chance to pretend with other kids who liked to pretend too. Super Son decided that he wanted to go as long as "pretending" involved getting to be an Army man too. He was with the group that called themselves the "Jolly Ninjas" and they even had a cheer that involved saying Hie-yah! When I picked him up he informed me that it wasn't just fun, but "A Blast". He told tales of a shadow forest, riding a dolphin after exiting his submarine and of course being an Army man. I asked him if he liked it more than baseball (which was his most recent extra curricular love). "Oh yeah Mom, lots more than baseball"

I try not to find too much meaning in the various things he gets interested in. Mostly because it seems to change from week to week, but I can't help myself from wondering what life will bring my beautiful bright eyed boy and where his path will take him.

I love that he is happy more than anything.

Meet Harry George

We have been sucked into the "Elf of the Shelf" Christmas tradition and the kids are loving it. They named our little scout elf "Harry George" Don't ask me about the Harry part. George makes some sense because they have an Uncle and Grandfather with the same moniker. Harry George returns to Santa each night and tells Santa about all of the good and bad things that Super Son and Miss Thing have done so that Santa's Naughty & Nice list stays good and current. Each night when he returns he hides in a different spot in the house. Each morning when the kids wake up they go looking for Harry George to make sure he made it back safely and ensure their good deeds go reported.

I have a little Santa guilt about when to dispel the myth, my mommy-tuition is telling me that Super Son just isn't ready yet so Harry George will keep his job for now.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Not me...

So...since I posted last I have most certainly did Not...

Go to the movies to see twilight for the second time (liking it more than the first time I went)

Spend 7 hours in the back seat of Hero Husband's truck schlepping to and from San Antonio, Temple and Elgin for Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff

Yell at a creepy old man to "Step Back" when he was pushing kids to take a photo while we were watching the Chuy's parade

Go to the movies to see twilight for the third time (liking it more than the first and the second times)

Wake Betty up at 6am to take her out for Black Friday shopping and use the "foreign exchange student cultural experience" excuse to justify it

Find myself in my pajamas at 10:30 blogging instead of finishing a litany of projects I have half done around the house

Go to 10pm showing to see twilight for the fourth time

Break my beautiful macbook and then get all vercklempt when I met with the service tech at the apple store and asked him to "please fix it"

Make myself a cocktail to go with dinner because the kids were making me a little nutso

Sit on the couch with my sister sharing new favorite music and disecting the lyrics and cry when I realized how much we have missed each other lately

So tell me what did you Not do this holiday weekend?

The very tired Betty snuggling the very crabby Miss Thing at the parade

Friday, November 21, 2008

Movie Review

Okay so today was the day...I could only justify getting out of work a little early today, but I met Kik, Paige, Stacey & Amy at the Alamo Drafthouse guessed it...Twilight. They served Sangria in a "blood bag" (very tasty) and we laughed and talked until the movie started.

I have a hard time being objective. I loved the book(s), I have read them more than once. I accept that a movie will never be as good as a book that you love. All of that being said. The movie was Awesome.

I have read the "critics" (Doesn't that imply that they will be critical) reviews which were generally blah. I think I can understand that maybe as a standalone movie it may not be perfect or qualify for critical (there is is again) aclaim. But it is after all a movie based on a book and you can not cram 500 pages into 2 hours.

There was a lot that I missed from the books, but what was there was (I'll say it again) Awesome. I am still looking forward to taking Hero Husband to see it on Sunday and Betty when she is done reading. How's it coming Betty? Hopefully that will be doing my part to make sure that book 2 (new moon) is made also.

Kik and I booked it to el bano (this movie qualified as one that you didn't leave just for a little bodily function) and then we all lingered in the lobby to chat. The line for the next showing had gathered outside and as we said our goodbyes we eyeballed the incoming crowd. I counted 3 teenagers, 7 men, and the balance of the crowd that looked just like us. Paige told a few of them how awesome it was and we all went our ways.

It was a great movie and a great time with the best of friends.


Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find me, unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate;
I am the captain of my soul.

William Ernest Henley

The path to this poem was bizarre and winding but
it knocked my socks off...

Invictus ~ Unconquered

Indeed I am the master of my fate;

I am the captain of my soul.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Last night we were trying putting the finishing touches on Super Son's Native American Indian project before it was due at school this morning. I was ready to jump up and down with frustration. I apparently, even with my sewing skills, do not possess the ability to fabricate a tipi cover from canvas. This should be a pretty basic cone shape, right?

I resorted to a pattern.

That wasn't any better. Betty sat at the bar and watched me with some degree of concern for my long term mental health. She commented on the hilarity of me doing Super Son's project while he played in the living room. For the record I was just trying to get the fabric ready so he could do the assembly. I think I really did hop around once or twice when the second of my patters (the third overall try) didn't work out any better than the first. Betty looked up at me from her reading (yes I have managed to corrupt her with the Twilight series...I may get to see the movie 3 times for that one) and suggested that we not cover the whole tipi....hmmm...leave some of the cover off so you can see inside the tipi. This snowballed into making a playdo indian to go inside the tipi, some blankets for him to lay on and a little fire in the middle. Super Son was really proud and said that it was "unique". Betty talked me off the ledge. Good reason #216 for hosting an awesome czech exchange student. Love ya' Betty Thanks again

And without further ado... here is the tipi

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I was desaturating some images today from a photoshoot and then starting tinkering with resaturating the images. What I ended up with was me looking twilightarific...I have tickets to see the flick on Sunday with Eddie and bought another to go on Friday with Kik. It is going to be a fun weekend.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

7 days and counting

And my friends are finding thier way to the books too. It's always nice to know when you are going crazy that at least your friends will go there with you. And to hold you over until the premire. mmmm

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

So I gave in to the kids and Hero Husband took them to Walmart and let them pick their costumes. Miss Thing chose a princess costume and Super Son a soldier. Hero Husband had some camo and he went to soldier route also. I put on some glittery eyelashes and got dressed up. Betty and I agreed that in light of my current reading habits that I must have been Bella Cullen from Breaking Dawn...Sounds good enough to me. We went to our old neighborhood and trick-or-treated with the Mosher's. One of the neighbors dressed up as a the Transformer Bumblebee. It was a very convincing costume that apparently a motorcycle was sacrificed to provide. Anyway...I am off to bed so enjoy the pictures. Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Okay so I finished the Charlaine Harris series and I am looking forward to book number nine whenever it comes out. HBO is still doing a good job, but it has been such a long time since I found a book that I really enjoyed like these that I went a looking for more. My trip to Barnes & Noble to pick up books 4 & 5 resulted in me glancing over a set of some really pretty covers,

but frankly none of the blurbs did much for me. Well I read some online reviews and they were good so I figured what the heck. Blurbs be darned. I took a similar course and downloaded book 1 from and got started. Geesh. I wish I had known what I was missing. The story was poignant. The characters lovely and full. The backstory for the author herself was even perfect. I am not generally fond of reaching back to teenage stories or the young adult book market but darn it I actually found myself tearing up a little for this girl. The author (Stephenie Meyer) conveyed very realistically the intensity of the emotions at that place and time in life. I stopped by Borders this time (Thanks Aunt Susan for the directions) and picked up the box set knowing that I would want this in my library for a while. All things being equal I am glad that I didn't find the series much earlier because now I only have to wait a month for the film based on book 1 (Twilight) to be released. I went online today and bought my tickets and plan on taking Hero Husband to see it. He endured my radical reading habits so I am excited to get to show him what all the fuss was about. When I called to ask if he wanted to go his only question was if I was trying to "push something on him" I assume that he was referring to the political climate which will thankfully be over by then and we will be able to relax into a great movie. I know I am looking forward to it.

I can cook

I have a reputation of being able to burn water. Unfortunately the reputation has been earned by actually doing that at least once. Burning water that is. Anyway...last Christmas I gave Hero Husband a stocking stuffer of a hands on cooking class at the culinary school in Central Market. Seemed like a better date night than dinner and a movie. We have spent the last 10 months trying to figure out what class to take and rescheduling when hurricanes would interrupt our plans. So the night finally arrived and Tuesday we showed up for a Tex-Mex cooking class I was really excited. We cooked shredded chicken tacos, guacamole salad, chalupas, refried beans and gorditas. I made my own tortillas (thanks to Hero Husband's well timed tutorial~hello where has that been for the last 15 years?) and the biggest news from the whole adventure was that I am really good at cutting tomatoes, Hero Husband and I can cook in the kitchen together without wanting to put our knives to use on each other and I didn't suck at everything else. Woo Hoo...Now I have to figure out how to do it at home.

Somewhere in Texas...

A village is missing an the bumper sticker says. I have laughed at that one a few times over the last eight years, but today, well today I am beginning to wonder if the whole darn place isn't full of idiots. Read here and you will see why. Maybe it was easy not to notice which one was heading to Washington when you have all of these other fools hanging around still.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

And the plot thickens

Okay so I am what 7 episodes into True Blood and I can't tolerate the waiting to find out what happens. I went online and found this awesome site where the publisher had loaded full copies of the books. I was able to download 3 or 4 of them and start reading. Okay so I know (at least if the series follows the books) how season will end, whew, but that just created another problem. What happens after that? I just want to keep reading and find out how the whole story ends. I went back to to get the rest of the books and they were gone...maybe the publisher didn't intend them to be used from that site by consumers. oops. Of course because everyone is reading the books now the good old Barnes & Noble was out of just about all of them. I was able to find a few "other" people who published them online so I could continue to read while BN got their shipping stuff sorted out. The guilt of downloading them from the internet is soothed by actually buying the books and supporting this author who has hooked me so thoroughly on these characters.

So here I am 5 days later and I have read 8 books...nearly 2500 pages If that isn't a page turner of a series I don't know what is.
Charlaine Harris ~ Thank you for some really great storytelling. So when is book 9 coming out?

Without giving too much away...I couldn't for the life of me figure out why everyone on the websites and forums was going on about Eric this Eric that...more Eric. I understand now. But I still think I vote for Bill. Now Get Reading! You'll be glad you did!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I am a junkie. I am embarassed to admit it, but for the last few weeks I have been an addict. It might as well be drugs because I have found a "show" (I feel like I have moved to Boca Raton and retired just saying that) that I can't stop watching. I am so embarassed that I can't even fully tell my friends and family because I can't lay out the premise of the story without sounding like an idiotic 14 year old gothicly inclined romance novel hound. Which is truly unfortunate because the show is Awesome and has many social themes that create a deeper layer. The characters are being fleshed out nicely, the chemistry between the actors is steamy, the quality of their work is great and the story...well it has me scheduling a date with the TV every Sunday at 8. If you haven't watched True Blood yet you should. You are missing out.

I really shouldn't be surprised by my addiction considering that True Blood has been written/produced/directed by Alan Ball who also is responsible for my historical junkie status with Six Feet Under. Thanks Alan. I really should be at the gym and I just can't stop watching long enough to manage to leave the house.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A Bicycle made for three

A month ago Hero Husband helped me pick out a hybrid bicycle and while I was convinced that I wanted a cruiser Hero Husband knew better and let me try it for myself before I realized how impractical it would be. The hybrid ended up being the better choice for me all of the comfort of the cruiser (cushy seat included) but with the handling of a mountain bike. Anyway, I think the cruiser might have cost him some street cred so I took one for the team. Oh and the hybrid is purple.

So we decided on the purple bike and then began working out what accessories we would need. You know I am all about the accessories. We got a little rack for the back so I could bring home groceries (yes I have big plans for this bike) and then the best part of all...the frog pod. At least that's what I call it because it is bright green and kind of looks like a frog. I scoffed at first about having my precious little girl perched atop the handle bars, but man does she love it. We had some good times tooling around the neighborhood and going to the grocery store.

Until tonight that is...Super Son had a cub scout den meeting. In the neighborhood across the busy street nearby. Silly close to drive, but perfect for a bike ride. Super Son has gotten really good on his own bike, but not good enough to trust him in such close proximity to 4 wheeled steel death traps so I disassembled the grocery rack and hooked up Super Son's tag along bike.A few frenzied minutes later (we of course were running late before I got my great idea) we were off. The three of us riding down the street on my purple bicycle. They were both laughing and talking about all they were seeing as we rode along (including the people in their cars who were laughing/smiling and waving/pointing as we passed by). We arrived safely and then reversed course for the way home. The sun had set and the safety flasher was firmly positioned on Super Son's belt for visibility. The breeze was cool and we decided to take a little detour and cruise around for fun.

They are giggling in the bath now and I am going to go hang with them instead of offense but they are much cuter.


Thursday, October 02, 2008

Caroline or Change

Date night and I bought tickets for the season at Zachary Scott Theatre. Last night was our first show of the season and we were off to see Caroline or Change. The staging was great, the performances even better. Sometimes it is a little unsettling coming into a performance where you know nothing about the story (which was the case for me) but the sweetness in watching it unravel and reveal itself is awesome. This is one that continued to unravel for me into the night and even this morning. You have to love theatre that stays with you that long.

To top it all off I managed to completely geek out when Gaius Charles sat down in front of us. Let me preface this part of the story by saying I am horrible at remembering people. I may remember your name, or your face, but likely not both. Add in the fact that I know you from somewhere and I am bound to remember one or the other, but usually not at the same time. I once sat in a restaurant with my handsome groom and proceeded to introduce him to a woman he had met no less than a dozen times before. I knew that I knew her I just couldn't place from where...and it happens all the time. Delayed humiliation is a good antidote for pride by the way if you worry about that type of thing. Anyway, I see him walking by and know that I know him from somewhere...and it dawns on me (this is never a good thing either) and turned to Hero Husband and yelled "Hey, It's Smash" . Okay so maybe I didn't yell, but delayed humiliation plays it that way in my head and I am sure I said it louder than a whisper because he looked up and me smiled graciously and introduced himself. Long story short. I am a complete idiot (but you knew that already) and Gaius Charles is a really good looking (but you knew that already too) nice guy who happens to be a great actor and is nice to chat with. Not at all (at least I hope) freaked out by our questions or general talkativeness. Gaius - I swear we do that a lot, not just for actors on shows that we really enjoy.
I laughed a little afterwards because Hero Husband and I both find ourselves lately talking to younger (than us) people about their lives. The encouragement of their parents...things they wish that had or hadn't done and outcomes along the way. We want badly to do right by our own offspring so we have become pollsters of other people's offspring.
Thanks Gaius for indulging us with some of your journey. We will definitely be watching, but we always were.


Scroll to the bottom first and turn off the music so you can hear the video

Sunday, September 28, 2008


There are lots of things that I love that I don't think about every day. Today I was reminded of one of them and laughed out loud as Miss Thing said "Let me see too Mommy" and was promptly educated on one of her mother's idiosyncrasies. My confession...I love the muppet show. I remember loving it as a girl but as an adult I love it even more. The subversive humor that was lost on me then is not now. I remember watching them and thinking the muppets were funny. Boy was I right, I just didn't know why.

Today when browsing through my reader I found this from Jen over at Cakewrecks I smiled and enjoyed the pictures and then I realized that my favorite character wasn't there...Poor Pepe the King Prawn had been left out. Don't get me wrong the swedish chef and beeker are hilarious, but Pepe just kills me each and every time. And if you didn't know you can convert your google page into the chef's language of bork bork bork check it out

I found my way over to Youtube and found a Pepe tribute that made me smile...and what do you know Miss Thing thought it was funny too.

"You tell him and I will smack you! I will smack you like a bad, bad donkey! okeh?"

Enjoy my friends

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rocka Rocka

Two years ago I watched my sister amaze me with her zen focus as she prepared for new life to emerge. So it didn't go down exactly as planned but sweet baby Bean arrived and has been running us ragged ever since. She is smart, vibrant and funny with her beautiful gold curls that have a life of their own. Happy birthday Bean. I loved you from the moment I saw you and it has only gone downhill from there. And Yes my dear you may have your rocka-my-dial (crocodile)

Baby Bean

Bean rockin the shades poolside

ewww octopus stew

The Lovely Bean

How to catch a baseball

Step 1 - Stick your glove out there
Step 2 - Hope your Dad has good aim
Step 3 - Close your eyes and pray

New Life

Talia you are a gift to your family and I am so glad to be a part of your life.
Welcome sweet girl.

Mom & Dad Thank you for your amazing friendship and for letting me be there to share this day with you.

"Borders? I have never seen one, but I heard they exist in the minds of most people." Thor Heyerdahl

The Eggmen at the Nutt

Last night I felt like doing something fun. Betty and i went to and found nothing. I started thinking about The Broken Spoke...Way too country. Not sure that Betty is ready for that kind of culture shock. The Backyard and then it hit me... The Nutt. Haven't been there in a while. The Eggmen were playing last night and it sounded like fun. Off we went. Mom and Dad joined us and the food was great. The music was awesome and a good time was had by all. Yeah Eggmen. Thanks for making our Friday night so much fun.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The death of the family costume?

I love Halloween. I think I just like having a chance to dress up and play in public for a day, but regardless of the motivation I love Halloween. I was soooo excited when Super Son was born that we could do what I had always failed miserably at before. Group costumes. I have a family ~ I can dress them all up with a theme. The more members the more challening the proposition, but what fun it will be. For those of you not present to witness the fun here is a little walk down memory lane. First there was the Flinstone family. Yes I know that Fred and Wilma had pebbles, but I was not putting a bone hair bow on my son. We adopted Bam Bam for the night and boy did he love whacking things with the squeaky club. Orange hairspray and giant just doesn't get much better. I sewed the costumes myself (and Hero husband only had to fix one of them once)

That is until your precious son discovers his love of Buzz and Woody. I can't blame him, what an awesome movie. I hand painted his wings and boots thank you very much. The inflatable ones (wings) just weren't working for me. He was jumping off of the furniture for weeks.

Then came Miss Thing. I wondered if I would regret not dressing her up as something froofy for her first Halloween (she was less than a month old then) but Super Son had at this point discovered The Incredibles. His baby Jack Jack doll had endured the diaper practice of preparing for baby sister's arrival so why not let her do the real thing. They were so cute. I was still recovering from her birth (oy vey) and Eddie didn't enforce my family costume rule so rigorously. I got to go as Lois Lane to his superman. Lord that Helen Parr / Mrs. Incredible spandex costume would have been a mean thing to do to me then. And yes, I hand painted Miss Thing's costume onto a baby sweatsuit. I told you I love Halloween.

Then came the year of Superman. This time it was Super Son. He had been obsessed with Krypto the superdog and of course when Miss Thing heard the Supergirl suggestion she was in. Hero Husband and I had done it last year so we opted for Shrek & Fiona, but don't think I didn't try to convince the kids to go as Donkey & Puss-in-boots.

Last year Super Son was a complete space nut. Miss Thing didn't care too much and was getting her fairy princess dressup fix from the dress up box at home so when Super Son suggested that they be Astronauts she was game and in true Miss Thing fashion wanted to do what Super Son was doing. I couldn't figure anything to go with Astronauts so Hero Husband and I were mission controllers. Vintage dress, headset and pocket protector filled out the ensemble and we rocked the party. Hero Husband and I even had nametags for Mr. & Mrs. Gorsky Don't let the look on Super Son's face trick you he just hated standing still for the photo.

So this year the search has begun. I have some awesome ideas...

Peter Pan, Hook, Wendy, Tinkerbell, Lost Boys, Crocodile, ticking alarm clock...

Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, Rabbit...

and my personal favorite The Wizard of Oz...Dorothy, Toto, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, Glenda, The Wicked Witch of the West...

I could start sewing right now except that every time I raise the issue I hear (whining) WallE, Diego, Star Wars. Star Wars, seriously, they haven't even seen Star Wars. Diego. Come on please cut me some slack. We watch Go Diego Go EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK. I am not exaggerating here. Every Day...and I am throwing a Diego Animal Rescue Adventure birthday party for Miss Thing where the kids actually go rescuing for their own (stuffed) animal! Must I dress up like Diego's mother too?

Let me be Glenda, heck I would even take Auntie Em at this point! But I feel like the WWotW because I am the mom and I am not letting them pick their "own costumes". Even though I am giving choices that have some mass appeal to both boys and girls (fairies & pirates anyone) and letting them choose who within the group they want to be. They continue to cross their eyes at me and moan about how the catalog has so many other things to choose from.

Am I horrible for wanting to do a family costume? Am I taking this holiday I treasure away from my kids? I was prepared to start this post and say forget it I will let them choose, but I have hopped back over the fence again. This is minor in the big picture, but I make your meals, pick you up, drive you anywhere you need to go, wash your clothes, your butts, your faces...I just want to dress up as a family. Please...

*disclaimer* Hero Husband was never officially excited about the donning of any of these costumes (except maybe superman) He does it only for love of me and his "Man Card" should under no circumstances be confiscated as a result of what he does for love of me and Halloween fun.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Family Field Trip

Every time we take a trip on Mopac that reaches further than 2222 Super Son gets the chance to marvel at Camp Mabry. Someone must have had him in mind when they placed airplanes and helicopters on display so close to the highway. Betty told me about free museum day in Austin so we decided to go visit the Camp Mabry Military Museum. It was much larger than I expected and full of interesting photos, equipment and vehicles. Super Son was beyond excited and both he and Miss Thing enjoyed dressing up in a soldier's real gear and climbing into the cockpit of an airplane. Overall the morning was a hit. We ended it with a trip to Which Wich (awesome by the way) and home for a nap. The Blanton or the Children's museum is on the agenda for the afternoon if everyone wakes up in a good mood that is...

Thursday, September 11, 2008


My belly round and warm with life growing I dressed for work. Running late again I relished my state of being and some stolen moments with my dearest. Television mumbled along in the background the change in programming reminding me that I was growing ever later

and in a moment it all changed

I watched as lives hurled through over and under shattering all manner of understanding
I sat down
I wept.
His words so clear in my ear. You know I am leaving.
The pain searing as I acknowledged.
The embrace tighter than ever before as the call came and the journey snaked on.
convention centers
the statue of liberty looming.
The calls came in waves from him from everyone~if you need anything please call
He only shared his fear after the wounds began to slowly knit themselves back together. At the precipice he chose not to fear for fear changes everything and helps no one.
This could never be made right.
Joy at his safe return
anger over the disease to follow
acceptance that regardless he would do it again and again and again

Babies are born with no fathers
I weep
my own is born and life continues ~ altered
slightly askew
never the same
for reasons red and raw that bleed when you touch them
The reminder sits in my hall
encased in glass
and in the eyes of my partner who saw it all
I remember
I always remember

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Her mother's daughter

Miss Thing and I were driving to school this morning when my ipod flipped to one of my favorite bands.She moves like water when she finds a rhythm that she loves and she loves Blue October. She is her mother's daughter.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Date Night

I swear I looked at the calendar yesterday and there was no date night there. I don't remember making plans or reservations. Apparently I forgot that I had tickets to the theatre event of the year. And that is all it is theatre. Who needs anything real and substantive when you have fear and idiocy to feed on.

I don't want higher taxes, but someone will have to pay for this war and playing the "everyone but me" game won't work forever.

I don't think aborition is right, but I (and everyone else) have no business making a decision so intimate and personal for anyone but me.

My marriage is between a man and a woman, but I know that love and commitment come in more shapes and sizes than I can comprehend and if you find that with someone I don't care what package they come in you deserve a life of love and happiness.

I don't want to spend my life paying for people who never manage to get on their feet, but when you take away the anonimity and you see that it is a person you worked with, went to church with or heaven forbid love you give from your heart and remember that Christ tells us that what we do to the least of them we do also to him.

I know that we are smart enough to not depend on the dinosaurs for everything we use.

I know that I am a woman with two small children who would protect them from unnecessary pain and couldn't imagine being absent for the most important moments of their lives for my work. I think it is hard to relate to anyone who would knowingly.

I know business and capitalism work, but I also know that businesses make bad choices bowing to the all important bottom line and they require rules and oversight. Hello Enron

I enjoy hunting and fishing but that doesn't mean that I am more homegrown or down to earth than you.

I know that I am smart. I know that most people are smart. I know that if you treat us like people and not mindless reptilian brained idiots you will find that we are more than you give us credit for. Don't make me question your honesty and integrity by using banal recycled crap and telling me it is change. Oh and seriously abstinence only. We don't come prepared for a test without reading the book, we don't empower ourselves by denying what we are. Our children are smart too. Smarter than we give them credit for when we teach them.

I belive that we are done on the path we have been on. I pray that everyone else sees it. Neither is perfect but one is clear.

I am stepping off my soap box now.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

No Mom I Swear

Petr & Pavlina...I swear Betty is helping out around the house and here is the proof.

Seriously I can't say enough how wonderful having Betty with us is. She is so considerate and appreciative of the little things that we do because it is just what we do...and what we would do for Super Son or Miss Thing. She has become a part of our family and I am already thinking about 10 months from now how sad we will be to see her go.
Thank you for sharing her with us!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor of Love

What's more fun on labor day than a meme about...well...labor(ing)

How long was your labor?

Super Son 7 hours
Miss Thing 5 hours

I had the luxury of "enjoying" the labor experience because I knew that i got to say when it was all over

How did you know you were in labor?

Super Son I couldn't stand up straight when I was talking
Miss Thing I remembered that Super Son hadn't gotten to paint my belly and knew if I waited until he woke up the next day he would be painting a wobbly baby free belly and let him stay up late to paint me (into a giant baseball)

Where did you deliver?

Both Babies Same hospital where I was born


Both Babies Don't have much choice when they are cutting you open - Spinal block my friends


See above...Super Son decided that upside down, backwards and folded in half with his feet by his ears was a comfy place to be from 25 weeks on...didn't have much of a choice about the knife with him
Miss Thing Daddy insisted on the knife because the injury rates with VBAC were almost entirely on Daddy's girl. I was willing to give it a try, but only if it was my neck on the line, not Miss Thing at risk. Knife number two it is.

Who delivered?

Super Son Dr. Phillips ~ He and Daddy talked sports in the hall until the nurses came to get him and tell him to get to business. Due to a poorly positioned surgical light I got to watch the reflection of the whole kit and kaboodle.
Miss Thing The very handsome Dr. Uribe who I tried to bribe into a little nip and tuck while he had me open. He didn't take me up on it.

Both times I begged the anesthesiologist to let me keep my hands free to touch my little one when they arrived. Both times they let me only because I swore I wouldn't cross the sterile barrier. With Super Son I was shaking so hard (lovely drugs) that I had to grab on to the drapery poles and hang on to keep from reaching past the barrier.

So there you go. Feel free to join in. You can link up at Rocks In My Dryer who's name made me laugh out loud. I can't even count the number of times I have had rocks in my dryer. What I should be counting is the number of things weirder than rocks I have found in my dryer.

I think irrigation piping stuffed with sticks and twigs was the weirdest....what was yours?

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bat Festival

One of the many perks of having an exchange student is that it encourages you to go out into the city and do things that you overlook when you have been a resident for 30+ years. Tonight we ventured out with enthusiasm to see what the Bat Festival was all about (besides bats that is). Austin is home to the largest urban colony of the mexican free-tail bat with an estimated population of 1.5 million bats. We people watched, listened to each of the bands playing at either end of the bridge, visited the petting zoo and watched the bats fly out for their nightly feast.

All in all a great adventure and a nice way to wind up the 7th anniversary of my 25th birthday!

Can you tell the kids were a little tired?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The arrival

Betty is here. She is beautiful, smart and excited about the next year! We are too!
We have a teenager in the house ~ woo hoo!

oh oh oh

For those of you not counting the days... Betty arrives tonight! We have our welcome signs all ready. Hero Husband even had the idea of using the google translator and making one of them in Czech for her. See I am alreay having new life experiences. I have never written in Czech before. The fun is already beginning.

The Glass Castle

Hero Husband and I have a running joke about how we got "screwed up" as kids...who hasn't frankly, but up to this point our kids have lead relatively easy, sunny, swimmy, balloons and birthday party kind of lives. The joke part is in when we discuss what we should do to damage them to some degree so they end up being upstanding members of society cause everyone knows that the kids with sunshine and rainbow childhoods are narcissistic, shifty eyed, societal moochess that whine, kick their dogs and nobody wants to hang out with.

If that anecdotal analysis proves true then Jeannette Walls is the most perfectly formed, well mannered, emotionally connected, communicative, zen woman on the face of the earth.

You must read the book.

If I was still feeling wronged by James Frey and his shenanigans I just might think she made it up, but I am feeling kind of rainbows and sunshine tonight... darn it there I go again.

Thanks for the referral Crystal and yes Hero Husband I am finally going to bed now mwah!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Who is this you may ask...Alzbeta (Betty) is her name and she is the newest memeber of our family! 48 hours ago Amanda (my awesome "right hand" girl at the office) came in and mentioned to me that there were some exchange students who hadn't been matched yet with families and Tanya (her mom) wanted to talk to me about it...Then they sent me Betty's application. Could she be more perfect? No I don't think so! A flurry of applications, background checks, emails and to do lists has culminated in a 10 month commitment to Betty and her family.
I got off the phone with her an hour ago and her flight is booked. She arrives in Austin in almost exactly a week. The kids think she is pretty and are excited to meet her and learn all about the Czech Republic. Super Son thinks he knows where it is on the globe already so I will quiz him this evening.

We are going to start making our signs this weekend! Betty - We can't wait to meet you in person!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Thank you Jennifer & John for sharing your family with us and allowing us to walk briefly with you on this journey.
It is truly an honor.

Image courtesy of the amazing Candace

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What is natural?

#3, #4 and #2 came over last week to watch a movie that #3 found inspiring. Having birthed two children I feel like I know a few things about the process and while both of my births required intervention I have a huge amount of respect for women who are presented with the opportunity to bring their children into this world unassisted and step up to the plate and do it. The little girls were not interested at all but Super Son found the movie really interesting and has always been curious about the way he was born. After watching a few vaginal births he asked me "Is that how I was born?" I told him as I have a hundred times before that...No, he had been born through a cut in my tummy. He understandably asked why and seemed perfectly content to think he was "so crazy" when I told him that he was upside down, backwards and folded in half (Frank Breech thank you very much from 25 weeks to term). After a while the movie transitioned from the "conscious" births into everything else. Again, I have a HUGE amount of respect for the Mom's who are successful with this, but no less respect than I have for any other mother who brings a child into this world and begins to find harmony in the lifelong balancing game of what is best for her and for her baby. The underlying theme of the movie then shifted to how much "birth trauma" we give our children by not having "conscious births" and allowing medical intervention. The narrator (while very knowledgeable) even used the analogy of cutting a butterfly from its chrysalis and preventing it from every being able to fly with a c-section.
What bothered me most about this whole thing is that 3 of the women who have known me the longest and closest in my life proceeded to agree.

Insert defensive reaction here.

I get that a narrator of a film has an opinion and obviously wants to share her opinion with the world, but her opinion is not fact. Babies who are born "consciously" are not always bright eyed, intelligent, peaceful, focused and the litany of other good descriptives that she used. And in the opposite babies that are born with some degree of intervention are not inherently born with less "consciousness" on the part of their mothers and fathers. Now I hear nothing but judgement from the narrator and from them.

And to you I pose the question. Babies can be born vaginally, surgically etc. But what is natural to you? I come from the position that a natural birth is one that comes instinctively (one of the many definitions of the word natural) ...If the baby is born out of my ear then we can talk about whether or not it was or was not natural.

But at the end of the day - what does it matter? Why do we judge these things in others? Does my birth diminish the value of yours? Shouldn't we rejoice that a baby is born healthy, safely and into a family that is wanting and waiting. Why do we place the additional burden on Mom's who end up reaching the finish line with some help that they have "done harm". And by the way.... QUIT JUDGING and don't even get me started on breast feeding

You see that big thing at my feet...that's my soap box and I am stepping off of it.



Back to the beach

After Nana left a few weeks ago. I packed up the kids and headed back to the beach for one last weekend with Aunt Susan, Uncle Tom and cousins Zach & Matthew. Last summer when we did this Miss Thing "dropped" one night after too much time on the beach and fell asleep standing up between two dining room chairs. It was hilarious and we all laughed as we reached for the camera and Super Son excited by the hubub woke her up before we could get a picture.

Saturday afternoon she fell asleep in my arms in the pool and Susan and I managed to get upstairs quickly and quietly enough to put her down in bed to sleep.

After she woke up I made her a plate of nachos for snack and after a few minutes of snacking she was standing in the chair "hiding" from Matthew and Zach who were "coming to find her". Susan turned and asked me if she was asleep. I glanced back and for sure thought she was playing until we all were able to sneak over and take a peek at her little napping self. We had to restrain Super Son from waking her up before Zach could get a picture...and there goes Miss Thing napping standing up...again.

**This has been posted without the aid of the "sleeping standing" picture because my perfect in every way cousin Zach shoots in RAW and I can't find any service to allow me to transfer that kind of file and I didn't bring any cd's with me. Zach - get me that picture before you leave for college or I will be forced to follow you to Ole Miss and stalk you in your dorm room until I get it. M'kay.**

Dolphin Encounter

While fishing with Grampa on the new boat cousins Zach and Matt had had some success and there were 2 trout and a redfish in the cooler. The kids were beginning to melt down, #2 had sliced her foot open on an oyster and it was agreed that we should head in. Then we saw her...

swimming near the boat, coming up for air periodically. Miss Thing swears that she was spitting on her each time the opening and closing of her blowhole made a little splash. In an effort to reward this brave and curious mammal for coming so close and letting the kids marvel at her we quickly opened the live well and started grabbing bait fish and shrimp. After a busy weekend of fishing there wasn't much left to be had. It didn't take long to turn to Zach. The perfectly good keeper that he had caught was resting peacefully in the cooler and would make a perfect dinner for our new friend. He never volunteered, but when two Moms and 3 kids looked longingly at him he conceded and sacrificed dinner for a dolphin.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


I live in a house where on election return night things sometimes get thrown. A house divided isn't what I would call "fun" but I would rather be challenged than placated. As long as after challenging my positions you still vote for the right person. Hero Husband you are reading this right? Oh well enough from me just go read Meghan's guest poster and you will know what I am talking about...Go on now...'git

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Precious Love

On the way to the coast the kids picked some different movies for the drive. Cinderella, Peter Pan and Shrek. Cinderella was a big hit and Peter Pan was generally good until late in the film Captian Hook begins his murderous assault on the lost boys and Peter. I had one ear occupied by NPR on my ipod when I heard Miss Thing start to whimper. I asked Super Son to pause the movie and and asked Miss Thing what was wrong.

Miss Thing: "I don't like Captian Hook"
Me: "Don't worry Miss Thing Peter Pan wins and the Alligator chases Captain Hook away"
Miss Thing: "Okay"

She sounded doubtful but was willing to see it through and Super Son started the movie again. Another minute passed and she whimpered. I asked if she was scared and she said yes. "Honey" I said "Super Son will hold your hand if you are scared"

She looked at him, he looked at her, they paused and then reached for each other. They held hands until the scary part was over.

Super Son reminds her of her strength and holds her hand when she isn't so sure. He is an amazing big brother.

Monday, July 28, 2008

The foot

When we were on our way to Puerto Vallarta our seating was somewhat split. Miss Thing and I were together, Super Son and Hero Husband were together, Nana & get the idea. Miss Thing and I took our seats on the leg from Dallas to Puerto Vallarta and Miss Thing was very excited about having a window seat. That is until she saw "The Foot" . There they were...Five decently pedicured toes way beyond the acceptable "back of the armrest" property line that defines an acceptable place to rest your foot when you are trying to sleep on an airplane. First she just looked at me then at the foot then back at me with a "you are going to deal with this, right" expression. I told her to wait just a few minutes and when we got ready to take off the lady would put her foot down. I said it just loud enough where the owner of "The Foot" could hear me. Except she didn't do anything. Miss Thing continued to creep sideways in her seat as her pitch climbed higher and higher as she started saying "it's still there" "mommmmyyyy...toes" I glanced into the row behind us to find out who the offending toes belonged to. Assuming that with all the commentary, whining and general freaking out that Miss Thing was doing it had to be a mom who was nursing or holding a sleeping baby and understandably couldn't move. She wasn't and apparently was just content to stick her feet all the way up in Miss Thing's seat. I reclined the seat a bit and generally rustled around thinking she would get the drift. She didn't so after Hero Husband suggested that I change seats with Miss Thing we gave in and swapped seats. Baby girl gave up her window and I put my elbows on the elbow rests (go figure they aren't called foot rests) nudging "The Foot" (ew) out of its resting spot and back into her own seat.

Word to the wise. Don't stick your feet in someone else's personal space on an airplane. It's just rude folks and if a little girl doesn't want to look at your toes and you hear her complaining about it to her Mom then move it already!

You don't have to look to closely to see "The Toes" behind Miss Thing

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thank you To Nana

Last week was the only week during July and August that my Benevolent Boss was scheduled to be in town meaning that I really needed to be in the office to take care of all of the meetings and projects that work best when we are there together. When Hero Husband got deployed on Monday for Hurricane Dolly's arrival I was virtually assured that I would not be able to work with Super Son out of camp for the week. I called Hero Husband's mother aka Nana and asked (casually) if she had anything going on.

Tuesday she came to town and saved me and spent the rest of the week playing with, entertaining and enjoying time with her perfectly sweet and always well behaved grandchildren.

They had such an amazing time. Thank you Nana! You are a super hero!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Heard the news that Uncle G is coming home today. A year in Iraq is a long time and we are all looking forward to seeing him and celebrating his safe return. Welcome Home!

The Puerto Vallarta Chronicles

ahhh... Vacation

There is a predictable rhythm of arriving and feeling like you have forever to do it all...the relaxing and debating about actual getting it done...and the rush to do what you didn't before it's too late and you have to catch a plane. I personally like step 2 the best. Nothing feels rushed or frantic and everyone falls into a lovely natural pace.

We returned this year to the same resort we stayed at last year because they were the only place we could find that was reasonably priced and had suites available. The three bedroom we booked had 4 bathrooms a balcony with an ocean view and was probably more than double the size of the place Hero Husband and I lived when we were first married. It was also our first big venture into "group travel" with children. #2, Back Cracker & Bean and Nana & Papa all came with us and Uncle M made it down for a few days over the weekend.

Nana & Papa (aka my awesome in-laws) took one room, Super Son & Miss Thing got one and Hero Husband and I took the third. We have never traveled with Nana & Papa before and I wondered what "living together" for a week would be like. Turns out they are the perfect roommates. They came with the intention of doing everything possible while we were there and boy did they succeed. Sunset cruise, native dancers, swimming, parasailing, jet skis, shopping, dancing, karaoke...they were going non-stop. They stayed in one night so #2, Back Cracker, Hero Husband and I could go out. Even with that freedom, knowing the kiddos would still be up early the next day we saw a show had some drinks at the bar and then called it a night. Hero Husband and the Back Cracker turns out can do the latin booty shake and #2 and I can't. Where is the justice in that...wait, maybe that is perfect. I GET to watch the show.

Miss Thing got sick on the last day of the trip...awful fever, upset stomach and "the runs" Poor thing took nearly a week to get her appetite back and after we got home Hero Husband, Nana, Papa and I all got it too.

Our flight home was reasonable until we got to Dallas and ran into a weather delay and the worst American Airlines desk agent in the history of the universe. We think she actually removed us from the flight when we inquired about getting an earlier flight. 3 1/2 hours late, but we arrived in one piece. In hindsight we probably had the delay coming considering we have never run into major travel issues before. Airport drama does a little to take the vacation buzz off but the tan persists and we all are glad to be home and back into some type of routine.