Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Valentines

Happy Valentine's Day! For the last 6 years this holiday has scarcely existed for us and considering that it often feels like a holiday that Hallmark created that has been okay with us. Why you may ask? Valentine's Day of 2002 I spent the day working and going to a corner of my office to pant uncomfortably over the discomfort my not due to be born for several weeks son was giving me. I went to see the OB thinking that I was miserable for sure I was dialiting and considering that he was upside down, backwards and folded in half (we knew positioning would be grounds for a c-section)I would be able to have a Valentine's baby. No such luck she said and sent me home. The panting continued and he was born on the 15th. So then in 2003 we were busy having a 1st birthday party then a 2nd... you get the picture. Every now and then the nice Hero Husband has surprised me with candies or a treat of some sort, but certianly none of the lavish *ahem* romantic dating, pre children, pre retirement account craziness that I think makes Hallmark swoon and in all honesty I wouldn't trade it for the world - Seriously if you have ever met Super Son (even on a bad day) would you? Friday my sweet little boy turns 6. He has grown (seriously as in 2 inches in the last 6 months) and fills my heart to the point of bursting. We have had a few behavior blips this week at school this week and in my post work grouchy moment discussed the consequence for further transgressions being the loss of the beloved astronaut rock climbing birthday party. It was a very unwelcome surprise when Hero Husband called me this afternoon and started the conversation with "you came up with the consequence, now you have to follow through"... Crap. I quickly saw the error of my ways and when I got home had a conversation with Super Son about the behavior first (yes I let him wallow in the fear of losing his party for a little while) and then what he thought a fair consequence would be. The punishment certainly is now more equal to the crime and the birthday party is a go. In the process Mommy had to eat a little crow...Tasty. Super Son was right. That wasn't fair. The rest of the evening was smooth as a rain slicker. After bath he looked at me and said "I feel so good...I am proud of myself" Music to my ears.

When Miss Thing was in bed and we were tucking her in I asked her for a kiss. She showed me her forehead and waitied. I told her "I will give my kisses to Diego." No! She shouted and gave me a kiss.

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