Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"Don't say no to me"

You may think at first glance that this is something that I told one of my precious little people at a moment when they were flexing their independence muscle. You would be wrong. This was the "dinner quote" from Miss Thing last night (these are becoming more and more of a regular occurence)that made Hero Husband and me turn away to giggle so we don't reinforce her smart alec streak. It even came with the wagging of a finger if I recall correctly. Apparently she doesn't like to be told no. But really does that surprise anyone at all?

One more down

Super Son came home from school yesterday missing his second tooth. He and Hero Husband called me at the office and I squealed with delight. I really feel like a little girl when he lets me touch his little gums where his teeth used to be. Such a bizzare mixture of happy mommy and grossed out kid. I quickly covered the ground of the tooth isn't "lost" is it...it came out and made it home for the tooth fairy, right? It did and the bonus of losing a tooth at school is that you get a cool certificate from the Kindergarden teacher extraordinaire.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Camera Love

Have I mentioned how much I love my new camera...Look at the amazing things it is capable of! Thanks again honey!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The superduperfabulousness that is Miss Thing

In the interest of avoiding a "TMI" situation I have hesitated to blog about Miss Thing's most recent accomplishment. Well here she is over the weekend with Jayda on the porch of Grampa Henry's fishing cabin all decked out to catch some trout. This cute picture is missing one thing (at least on Miss Thing)...a diaper. She is officially out of diapers and wearing big girl panties! Yeah Miss Thing! She really deserves all the credit because it had nothing to do with the coaxing or the bribing with gummy worms. She made the choice about two weeks ago on a Monday when she went to school. She came home dry and has every day since then. If you ever doubted how remarkable she is...never do that again!

Introducing Jill

It occurs to me that I have groused about Jill on occasion, but I don't believe I have actually introduced her to everyone.

Everyone, this is Jill the 9th most recent addition to our family.

She has her issues, but on balance is a good dog that is figuring out how be a great dog. She really enjoyed coming to the coast this weekend and really really enjoyed playing with Mom & Dad's dogs. She (and the others) rolled in something nasty at one point and was banished to the porch. Not a bad life if you are a dog and into that kind of thing.

Pretty isn't she.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Score One Toothfairy

So last night I kissed Super Son, tucked him into bed and prayed with him that he would feel brave tomorrow when his tooth fell out (probably tomorrow). I went downstairs and marveled with Hero Husband at the preciousness of the evening and the joy in watching Super Son grow. No more than 5 minutes later I heard a noise and looked up to see him standing at the door smiling. He had pulled his own tooth and wanted to be sure I knew so the tooth fairy could come. He was so proud of himself and was laughing about how funny it felt.

The tooth fairy came and Super Son pounded down the stairs this morning to tell us that she had left him a note with a $1 bill. The note said "Super Son you did a great job taking care of and brushing your tooth. I will come back when you lose another one. Your friend, The tooth fairy"

It should be noted that with this mornings announcement also came the proclamation that his next tooth was already loose...sure enough it is.

I am contemplating the propagation of this sweet childhood myth in part because my sweet friend Kik was "busted" late last year. For now I love that he is entranced by the whole thing and marveling at the work his body is doing. I will deal with being busted later...hopefully much later.

Monday, March 10, 2008


Sometimes I sit by and watch as he changes and grows. Things morphing daily but never fully able to put a finger on what it is that really changed until suddenly he is 3 inches taller and able to do the monkey bars on his own…and sometimes I come home to find that he has reached some milestone in the span of a day and it becomes so painfully clear how gone my baby boy is and how bit by bit he is replaced by a young man I am infinitely proud of

Super Son's first loose tooth

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


This nighttime photography thing is harder than I thought... fun to try though

In the Yard

I am really enjoying my new camera! Thanks Hero Husband, Super Son & Miss Thing

Love Ya


Marathon Kids

Run Super Son Run!

Daddy Love

Flying Kites

We went to the football fields to fly kites this weekend. It was way too windy to fly kites. I love this look from Miss Thing