Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Score One Toothfairy

So last night I kissed Super Son, tucked him into bed and prayed with him that he would feel brave tomorrow when his tooth fell out (probably tomorrow). I went downstairs and marveled with Hero Husband at the preciousness of the evening and the joy in watching Super Son grow. No more than 5 minutes later I heard a noise and looked up to see him standing at the door smiling. He had pulled his own tooth and wanted to be sure I knew so the tooth fairy could come. He was so proud of himself and was laughing about how funny it felt.

The tooth fairy came and Super Son pounded down the stairs this morning to tell us that she had left him a note with a $1 bill. The note said "Super Son you did a great job taking care of and brushing your tooth. I will come back when you lose another one. Your friend, The tooth fairy"

It should be noted that with this mornings announcement also came the proclamation that his next tooth was already loose...sure enough it is.

I am contemplating the propagation of this sweet childhood myth in part because my sweet friend Kik was "busted" late last year. For now I love that he is entranced by the whole thing and marveling at the work his body is doing. I will deal with being busted later...hopefully much later.

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