Sunday, April 13, 2008

Adventures at Deer Creek Camp

We just came home from spending a fabulous 24 hours at the Deer Creek Camp in Medina, TX. We went as a part of the group of "The Eleven" women I treasure and have studied the bible with on a weekly basis for the last four years. Not surprising for an event planned by the force of nature we call Paige, it was AMAZING! I never had the chance to go "away" to camp as a girl and I enjoyed acting a bit like a kid taking part in a little adventure here and there. Layne rocked out on the "playground" side of the climbing wall (she is one tough cookie) while Abe earned the name spider man on the rock side. Those who made it to the top were rewarded with what looked like an amazing trip down the zip line. I was among the many who didn't make it to the top, but considering that Super Son has already requested a return trip with or without the family I think I may get another chance. We made family crests, went canoeing down the river, ate smores and relaxed. Our kids played together and grew in their did our husbands. I screamed like a...well, like a girl on the family swing and we all laughed hysterically at the photo I captured of Dawn and Leticia on their way down. We came home with a little sun, slightly tired, and so very happy. Here's to you Nan, Josh, Teresa, Mama & Papa Bear. You have an amazing setup and we loved every minute. The full photo gallery is on my flickr page

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