Thursday, April 24, 2008

I need to go to the Daktah

The Boston update will be coming soon...I picked up sweet Miss Thing from school yesterday. She has been crabby lately and I was glad to find her in a good mood, but when we got home she said "My ear hurts - - I need to go to the Daktah" She has had a bedtime cough for a while that never seemed to turn into anything else, but when I was in Boston it turned phlemmy (is that even a word?) and she started to what I affectionately refer to as "ooze". I decided that she was right and a trip to the "daktah" was in order. Bless them at Capital Pediatrics...they have opened an evening clinic. We ate some dinner, bathed quickly and scooted up to the office for a 6:45 appointment. Her ears are clear, YEAH! She has allergies and a sinus infection, BLAH! Having heard from Kik just a few hours earlier that Luke had an ear infection and that the snot rockets (aka saline nasal rinse) had yielded some blobish results I called in for instructions on how to convince my skeptical 2 year old that a snot rocket was a good idea. She lovingly suggested that I be a martyr for the cause and "show" her that it would be okay and Luke was sure to mention to "BE GENTLE". I did and I was. Super Son thought this was much funnier that Miss Thing, but I managed to get them both appropriately irrigated (no Super Son didn't need it, just thought it was that cool). Then came the Amox, Zyrtec and Motrin cocktail. Sweet girl must have been miserable because she slept better last night than I remember in at least a month or two. Snot rockets again before school and she was surprisingly impressed with the ick that she produced. It actually was enough of a "result" to convince her that the weird feeling just might be worth enduring one more time tonight. Now I just have to keep her believing it for a week or two until she is all better. Prayers for that one please.

Enduring isn't quite the word I would use to describe Miss Thing's response to the snot rocket tonight. The screaming fits of terror even had Hero Husband wondering what I was doing to her. Thankfully she continues to feel a little better, but I am not looking forward to tonights epic battle.

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