Sunday, April 20, 2008

Boston Olympic Trials Live Blogging Part One

It is cold outside in Boston and I am sitting on the corner of Commonwealth and Mass waiting for Cassie to start her race. Paige was concerned that the crowds would be crazy so she called for a 5 am lobby meet to stake out our spots. I of course woke up at 5 till ready to go and was texting like a fool trying to figure out why I was the only one in the lobby. An hour and a half later I am lounging on the edge of Paige's bed while everyone finishes getting ready. We are now 20 minutes to the start and just arriving to our corner and there is some turnout, but boy am I glad that we weren't out here at 5. Yes that would mean I am glad I was wrong. So here we sit sipping hot tea, coffee etc and waiting for this beautiful day to get under way. Jennifer and Leticia are on their knees at home preparing to pray for our girl as she hustles. Seeing her last night was such a gift. Time with her so relaxed and prepared. We wandered in around midnight from an amazing dinner where we shut the place down (and ran off a few of the less raucous diners for sure) I haven't laughed this much in I can't remember how long. Here we go...

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