Sunday, April 20, 2008

Live Blogging - yeah right

Okay so I couldn't keep a good singnal, then I ran out of battery so i wasn't able to live blog as planned.

The race was so fun. The route allowed us to see Cassie something close to 8 times before crossing the finish. She was the image of grace and strength. The quality of the field of women that she was competing with was amazing! Last time I heard reported was 2:48 which I think puts her around a 6:40 pace. I know it is no comparison, but I don't think I have run anywhere, for any amount of time (including when being chased) That fast! Wow Cassie - You Rock!

Crystal and I spent the afternoon walking to Fenway, down Newbury and ended up with something like 7 miles before crashing for a nap. Dinner is later and then time for Kik, Paige, Katie & Courtney to run the distance

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