Thursday, May 29, 2008

I can dance...

I used to dance...I love to dance (more often than not in my hallway lately) I can't move the way I used to anymore, but it doesn't make me stop wanting to watch others do it so well...lovely words aside I love SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE! These kids make me want to jump up and down. Did you see the precious Sheila tonight. Her dad doesn't want her to try out and says she should be in school. She rocked the house...I am a little amongst yourselves

Okay I am back...Jeramiah lovely don't get why you are dancing with an open shirt, but some nice moves. Totally owned the gigantic screwup at the end and still made it to vegas

Siddyah please don't ever wear those socks again. Joseph and the Technicolor dreamsocks

The judges have their job to do and I know that there is the TV factor they have to play up. They seem to try as gently as they can and I can see these poor folks on the stage trying to preserve their sense of is understandable, but why would you come to audition in front of the pros and not want to hear what they have to say...painful as it may be...You know what though, they showed up and most of them brought it when they came.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Are you kidding me?

In the interest of offending everyone and maintaining tradition (?)...

courtesy of the very funny sweet all around amazing movie Juno

Memorial Day

To all the amazing men in my life that have served this great country and continue to...Uncle Bob, Car Car, Phil, Hero Husband Papa... I love you all

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Is it hot in here?

I am nowhere near menopausal, but I feel like I am having hot flashes lately. I think it might have something to do with working out so much, but I sweat now like I never have in my life. I have actually had to ban gray workout clothes from my wardrobe (effective this morning - sorry Sharon & Rebecca). For some reason in my mind pitting out in a gray t-shirt is worse than pink, blue etc. That being said, did you hear that? I am working out more now than ever before in my life and I am feeling so strong YEAH! I have actually been living up to my wicked awesome super favorite workout shirt...I am freakishly so many ways.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

A correction from the editor

While the aforementioned anymommy is funny beyond words she sadly cannot be credited with the sacrilege light switch cover (see below) In the interest of putting credit where it is due I must inform my loyal fan base (yes I consider all 7 of you loyal) that alas I was wrong the credit belongs to the also very funny Meghan of AllMediocre fame. We all knew there would be trouble when I tried to be funny! Have a great weekend.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Does this qualify as sacrilege?

Seriously who designed this thing. The above humor provided courtesy of the very funny anymommy

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Miss Thing was eating her spaghetti for dinner tonight when she came to a bite of something that apparently she wasn't fond of she spit it out on to her plate and went into a diatribe of ewww pleh pleh nasty and then stopped and looked at Hero Husband and said in the sweetest sing songy voice "Daddy you want some?" and then picked "it" up off of her plate and handed it to him. We all giggled and thankfully Hero Husband didn't take her up on the offer.

Ewww is right.


Super Son is a "new tiger cub" as of Monday night. He is on the boy scout path neckerchief and all (that he insisted on wearing to school the next day). I can't remember the last time (without ice cream involvement) where he was so motivated to listen, focus and "do his best". The cub scout manual has become required reading each night before bed as he practices the pledge, salute, motto and handshake. Last night we read about Akela (which means 'good leader'in cub speak) and he asked if he could write a letter to his exceptional Kindergarden Teacher telling her that she was Akela for him. All together now...awwww

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Super Son is working on a "box project" at school for his last homework assignment of the year. He decided on his subject (that frankly surprised me considering the airplane army fascination that he has going on)...the ocean. We looked up interesting facts on the ocean, but the big thing was he wanted to learn about waves. What makes waves specifically. We saved that part for last and first learned how many oceans in the world there are (5 or 6 depending on who you listen to), if other planets have oceans (scientists think so) and how do fish gills work (amazing things...who knew that a fish face is actually a complex means of pushing air over their gills - okay maybe you, but not me). Tonight we got to waves. Glorious waves. We talked about surfing waves, boat waves, tide pulls and the moon, wind waves, waves on the beach and last but not least salami waves. Salami waves come when there is a big movement under the ocean (earthquake) that cause the water to be displaced in a big way. This displacement causes a really big "salami" I could barely keep a straight face as my precious son was so excited to do a salami wave experiment in the bathtub by forcing his legs quickly apart and together in a scissor movement crashing the soapy water onto the floor (and me). I gave him the tsunami correction once or twice (only because he has to do a presentation on this at school), but they will forever be to me salami waves.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I don't want your kisses

Tucking into bed tonight this is what Miss Thing told me. She said she was okay with hugs, but picked my kiss off her cheek and gave it back to me to give to Super Son. Ouch!! This isn't an entirely new phenomenon (started a few months ago) and I probably will be glad for it when she is 15, but still.

Super Son let me cut his hair this afternoon and afterwards he went upstairs to take a shower. This apparently was very invigorating because I came upstairs and found him doing pushups and crunches...He moved on to squats and I was horrified to hear a little crunchy crunch noise from his precious little knees. It made me so sad. I pray that this is a big deal. I am so glad that he loves so many things in addition to running and jumping, just in case.

I have been doing a group fitness program for the last month or so and am feeling amazing. I am already thinking about how I will translate it into the next phase. This is the most consistent I have been in years and I am loving it.

Amanda (my sweet office mate) went to her senior prom last night. Her parents were out of town so I went into mommy overdrive and took photos for her and her friends before they left in the limo and then I drove her car to the event location and parked it for her to get home. The pictures came out really well I think and the parents all seemed to like them. Melissa (who was my 2nd vehicle driver for the evening) and I took the kids for a sno-cone afterwards. I haven't had one of those in years. yum. they serve them with a sour option that was enough to make me go back for more...All this and only $1 for a small (that was enough to give me brain freeze twice). Big shout out to the ladies at P.Terrys on Barton Springs & Lamar. I love the operation and they couldn't have been nicer.

The chickens have gone through a tremendous growth spurt lately. The are scratching (and eating yard bugs yeah!) in nearly all of the yard. Hero Husband put up a precious iron fence around the garden to keep them from eating my carrots (apparently the tops look a little too much like weeds). The garden is in full bloom and I cannot believe how different home grown food tastes. The flavors are so rich and complex. It is so funny to me how Hero Husband and I have become "South Austin Crunchy" especially in this way. We are even tossing around the idea of a greenhouse for next winter so we can start our seeds a little earlier.

Hero Husband is in the throws of studying for promotion. It is such a huge commitment on his part and I am so proud of him. This "time" has been so much harder than it was last time...two department broo hah hah...that he is still focused at this stage is amazing to me. 3 weeks to go...

I am happy and that feels really good.