Thursday, May 29, 2008

I can dance...

I used to dance...I love to dance (more often than not in my hallway lately) I can't move the way I used to anymore, but it doesn't make me stop wanting to watch others do it so well...lovely words aside I love SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE! These kids make me want to jump up and down. Did you see the precious Sheila tonight. Her dad doesn't want her to try out and says she should be in school. She rocked the house...I am a little amongst yourselves

Okay I am back...Jeramiah lovely don't get why you are dancing with an open shirt, but some nice moves. Totally owned the gigantic screwup at the end and still made it to vegas

Siddyah please don't ever wear those socks again. Joseph and the Technicolor dreamsocks

The judges have their job to do and I know that there is the TV factor they have to play up. They seem to try as gently as they can and I can see these poor folks on the stage trying to preserve their sense of is understandable, but why would you come to audition in front of the pros and not want to hear what they have to say...painful as it may be...You know what though, they showed up and most of them brought it when they came.

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