Sunday, May 18, 2008

I don't want your kisses

Tucking into bed tonight this is what Miss Thing told me. She said she was okay with hugs, but picked my kiss off her cheek and gave it back to me to give to Super Son. Ouch!! This isn't an entirely new phenomenon (started a few months ago) and I probably will be glad for it when she is 15, but still.

Super Son let me cut his hair this afternoon and afterwards he went upstairs to take a shower. This apparently was very invigorating because I came upstairs and found him doing pushups and crunches...He moved on to squats and I was horrified to hear a little crunchy crunch noise from his precious little knees. It made me so sad. I pray that this is a big deal. I am so glad that he loves so many things in addition to running and jumping, just in case.

I have been doing a group fitness program for the last month or so and am feeling amazing. I am already thinking about how I will translate it into the next phase. This is the most consistent I have been in years and I am loving it.

Amanda (my sweet office mate) went to her senior prom last night. Her parents were out of town so I went into mommy overdrive and took photos for her and her friends before they left in the limo and then I drove her car to the event location and parked it for her to get home. The pictures came out really well I think and the parents all seemed to like them. Melissa (who was my 2nd vehicle driver for the evening) and I took the kids for a sno-cone afterwards. I haven't had one of those in years. yum. they serve them with a sour option that was enough to make me go back for more...All this and only $1 for a small (that was enough to give me brain freeze twice). Big shout out to the ladies at P.Terrys on Barton Springs & Lamar. I love the operation and they couldn't have been nicer.

The chickens have gone through a tremendous growth spurt lately. The are scratching (and eating yard bugs yeah!) in nearly all of the yard. Hero Husband put up a precious iron fence around the garden to keep them from eating my carrots (apparently the tops look a little too much like weeds). The garden is in full bloom and I cannot believe how different home grown food tastes. The flavors are so rich and complex. It is so funny to me how Hero Husband and I have become "South Austin Crunchy" especially in this way. We are even tossing around the idea of a greenhouse for next winter so we can start our seeds a little earlier.

Hero Husband is in the throws of studying for promotion. It is such a huge commitment on his part and I am so proud of him. This "time" has been so much harder than it was last time...two department broo hah hah...that he is still focused at this stage is amazing to me. 3 weeks to go...

I am happy and that feels really good.

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