Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Super Son is working on a "box project" at school for his last homework assignment of the year. He decided on his subject (that frankly surprised me considering the airplane army fascination that he has going on)...the ocean. We looked up interesting facts on the ocean, but the big thing was he wanted to learn about waves. What makes waves specifically. We saved that part for last and first learned how many oceans in the world there are (5 or 6 depending on who you listen to), if other planets have oceans (scientists think so) and how do fish gills work (amazing things...who knew that a fish face is actually a complex means of pushing air over their gills - okay maybe you, but not me). Tonight we got to waves. Glorious waves. We talked about surfing waves, boat waves, tide pulls and the moon, wind waves, waves on the beach and last but not least salami waves. Salami waves come when there is a big movement under the ocean (earthquake) that cause the water to be displaced in a big way. This displacement causes a really big "salami" I could barely keep a straight face as my precious son was so excited to do a salami wave experiment in the bathtub by forcing his legs quickly apart and together in a scissor movement crashing the soapy water onto the floor (and me). I gave him the tsunami correction once or twice (only because he has to do a presentation on this at school), but they will forever be to me salami waves.


  1. Hi, I came to visit from my blog. Thanks for your cereal numbers!

    I love these little mistakes too. My son use to say 'tutu, welcome' whenever someone handed him something. I miss that.

  2. hi there...
    found you from allmediocre...

    salami waves are hilarious! have you guys seen the blue planet videos? pretty neat...tought to explain why animals are eating other animals...but cool, nonetheless.

    my daughter calls salami, samali (and it makes me laugh really hard when she orders a samali (sounds like somali) sandwich at subway).