Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tag...I'm It

One Word Meme (someone please comment and tell me what in heavens name this means!)

1. Where is your cell phone? AWOL

2. Your significant other? Hero Husband

3. Your hair? Pony

4. Your mother? Sky

5. Your father? earth

6. Your favorite thing? snuggles

7. Your dream last night? mexico

8 Your favorite drink? water

9. Your dream/goal? balance

10. The room you’re in? Bed

11. Your hobby? photography

12. Your fear? absence

13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? peaceful

14. What you’re not? sleepy

15. Muffins? sure

16. One of your wish list items? Tenba

17. Where you grew up? Austin

18. The last thing you did? knit

19. What are you wearing? khakis

20. Favorite Gadget? nikond40

21. Your pets? manic

22. Your computer? macbook

23. Your mood? quiet

24. Missing someone? Lily

25. Your car? Subaru

26. Something you’re not wearing? wig

27. Favorite store? Target

28. Like someone? Yup

29. Your favorite color? Green

30. When was the last time you laughed? Bedtime

31. Last time you cried? Colin

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mom, Remember the Milk Factory...We'll be making that soon

These were the words that my precious Super Son uttered as I wished him a final good night.

Where this kid comes up with his inventions I don't know, but the latest was the milk factory. He went on a camp field trip today to Central Market and got to taste a bunch of foods and check out the lobsters etc. I suspect there was some milk involved hence the milk factory, but he came home with some grand plans of raising cows in the yard (maybe the chickens aren't setting the best precedent) and milking them twice a day and pumping the milk over to Central Market for their bakery every day.

Sunday in church it was a seed spreader. There were several (drawn on a magna doodle) variations on the seed could be pushed, another dragged, another towed behind a truck/trailer. They each had very elaborate tubing mechanisms to get the seeds from the container to the ground.

I have always said that Hero Husband has the mind of an engineer...I definitely see that in Super Son mixed with the crazy dreamer in me....And I love
everything except the fact these plans/designs/supply lists and ancillary stories can sometimes take several hours to days to complete every bit of it!

Friday, June 20, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things...

This list has been rattling around in my head for months and every time I have a friend who has a baby I scratch my head and go glassy eyed for a few minutes of...what was that thing I wanted to be sure and get for everyone else that I loved so much when the kids were babies...
Okay so too many of my friends are having babies and my kids are getting farther and farther from the use of these wonderful products. So I put this out there as much as a reminder list for me as a list of things that you would me!

Diapees & Wipees
I still use mine all the time to carry extra panties and wipees. I swear my kids will be eighteen and I will still have wipees in the car...who knows they may need them more then than they do now

Baby 411
Toddler 411
Dr. Brown ~ The guru of all things pediatric. This woman has soothed my nerves in the office, over the phone and late at night with these amazing books. We had a pediatrician already chosen before Alex was born and after meeting Ari at a child birth class choosing her was Hero Husband's first veto of any of my choices. I confess I was wrong all along. She is a God Send!

Dr. Smith's Diaper Cream
You don't want to know how or why I ended up with a diaper rash once (yes when I was old enough to remember it) but it is enough said that I KNOW this product is worth its weight in gold

Allison's Posies
I stumbled across these in a local shop once and couldn't find them at any other shop ever. Thankfully they have an online store too. Precious, understated and flat on the head. Allison...where ever you are...Thanks

See Kai Run
We all know about my handbag "issues" I am not officially outing myself as having shoe "issues" too. I loved these shoes for both kiddos. So much so I wished I could get them for myself. Alas it was not to happen ~ forget the robeez pedipeds rock the house (although the new rubber sole robeez are pretty awesome too)

Gymboree Panties & Underwear
I don't know about you but I love nice undies. No scratchies, itchies, pokies...nothin'. When Alex was figuring out the whole potty thing he really wanted superman underwear. Too bad the waist was made of sandpaper. We quickly (thank goodness) found gymboree. They are kind of pricey sometimes on clothes etc (love the sale rack) but you can't beat their panties and undies. They even make cute little boy shorts and boxer briefs. Your kids butt will thank me - promise

Okay there it is. My list. I am sure as soon as I log off I will come up with more, but for now this will help me to remember. If you try one of the recommendations let me know I would love to hear your thoughts.


I vividly remember road trips as a girl being tortured by my Dad making me listen to awful stuff on NPR...Prairie home companion specifically. Horror of Horrors to be 15 and listening to anything that had Carl Kasell involved...Oh the humanity...

Fast forward 16 years and I am driving Miss Thing to school this morning. She is telling me about the "Purple Princess Diego Birthday Party" she plans to have on her birthday which is tomorrow, today, or later depending on when you ask her.

She pauses near the end of her candle count and says to me

"Momma, what kind of birthday party do you want to have"
"An I love Super Son and Miss Thing party" I reply
"No" she says "You have a news party, you like the newses"

Apparently I will be having a "Newses" party
Maybe I should invite Carl Kasell...

By the way I am not a news ticker hound ~ Anything that is not music is "newses" to her. My current NPR frequents are Wait Wait Don't Tell Me & Fresh Air

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Binding and Balm

Yesterday I took a day. Off from work and with my kids. We went to see the beautiful newness of life that is Carter. Super Son and Miss Thing wanted to take her home with us. Hint hint Hero Husband... just kidding no more babies right now. I will settle for stealing away this gem from her parents for a snuggle every now and then.

Then we went to Paige's place...I call it that because she is always so happy there. Grass, children, friends. They are like balm to my spirit softening and soothing the rough and exposed. I get to soak up their love (and hopefully give them some right back) The sun was unforgiving but the trees took pity on us. We sat and watched the kids love on each other, then assault each other, apologize and then start over again. Miss Thing was tired from missing her nap and we were both a little freaked out that she slipped in the shallow end and required some help to get her footing again (the water just lost its relaxing effect on me) and to top it off she scraped her knee on the bottom and was distraught over it all afternoon (night and this morning too...)Super Son didn't want to go home and I was exhausted when we finally did (get home that is).
My spirit is feeling better with each day. I still find these washes of sadness waiting for me in unexpected places, but there is such a healing, gift and grace in these women that I treasure. They tend to my heart when I can't see through the weeds and I would not be the same without them. My heart feels bound up by the bandages they gingerly apply. Paige Kik Kristi Crystal Cassie Leticia Dawn Jena Jennifer KT - love you girls

Monday, June 16, 2008

What to pray for

Angie (who has endured more than I can imagine in the last few months) posted this last month after her nephew was lost to SIDS. In true Shannonannon fashion I wanted a "to do" list right now and Angie has given me a framework to work from and a list of ways I should be praying right now...

A few things that I would ask for you to specifically pray for would be:

1. Having to deal with the planning for Colin's service, burial, etc.

2. Pray that neither of Colin's parents will blame themselves for his death. As parents, we can't help but let ourselves drift into the dangerous land of "what if....?" Where there is a sovereign God, there are no "what if's". Lord, remind them of this over and over as they rest tonight...

3. Pray for Colin's sister.

4. Please pray for those who minister to them.

5. Please pray for Colin's parents marriage. The hurt transforms sometimes to anger, and the way that the anger lands on whoever is closest. They spent the day peacefully together, but I want to pray that no divisions will rise up between them, and that they will feel fully united in their sorrow.

6. Pray for God to allow their grief to be you read these words, you may feel called to volunteer yourself through prayer to be a "carrier" of their grief.

7.Pray for patches of joy in a bleak, seemingly hopeless fog.

8.Pray that God would bless Colin's family with erasing the memories from that day that they cannot stand to replay over and over in their minds. Pray that God will erase the moments, smells, sounds of those terrifying moments, and that in their place will be a feeling of peace....peace that passes all understading.

9. Pray. Pray. Pray.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


How much to say anything at all...what can you say. I am breathless with grief and chest heaves with wracking sobs that I can contain no longer. The "world" is learning now what I was witness to yesterday and it is impossible to fathom why him, why them, why do I find myself in the midst of it all. I linger longer in my children's gaze, I think about things I can do differently and I plead with the Lord to quiet my spirit so I can hear him speak to me. speak Lord please

Friday, June 13, 2008

Do you know where Estonia is?

I didn't until #3 brought around this interesting bloke she had started dating while living in Dubai. He seemed nice enough and has a freakish brain for geography. I figured the least I could do was figure out where he was from. Now I know where Estonia is and what a beautiful country it is. I would love to visit sometime, but I still live in fear of a transatlantic flight with two kids. The aura of Euro-Disney isn't enough yet to keep them under control for that long. One day for sure we will visit. just not sure when. Anyway. The story of Estonia and it's history of independence is actually a pretty interesting one. The Estonian came over a month or so ago and we watched a movie about it. I can hear you yawning, but trust me it was really good. If you have a chance to catch it in a theater you should and if you don't you should see what you can do to watch it online. Those of you who are local (and weren't here last month for the Austin Premiere : ) have no excuse because...ha ! It is coming to Austin in the next week and will be here until early July. Now GO!

Super Protection Powers

A Mother's Love is a fierce thing. I guess I always knew that, but until Super Son was born I never fully realized the truth and magnitude of such a statement. After he was comfy and in a routine at his preschool (a short mile and a half from my office) I remember breaking often during my day to go and visit him and nurse and as he grew older weaning myself of this time not because I didn't want to see him, but he wasn't nursing so often anymore and it made it harder for him if I "left him at school" multiple times during the course of one day. When we got to this phase and it didn't feel as "accessible" to me anymore. My brain would go down bizarre paths of contingency planning...If there were to be an attack on our city and all the roads were clogged with traffic I could still walk or run to his school and be there in 20 minutes. Something about my proximity translated to a mobile safety bubble for my precious baby. If some crazy person were to come to the school get where I am going. I know that it is a false sense of control, but it was something and it works for my brain.

Today when I went to pick up Super Son from summer camp at the local gym it was much later than usual (5:45 at his request) and because the camp ended at 4 and he was one of the few kids who stay for "after care" I wasn't sure where he would be (again, he is having so much fun that he gets mad at me for coming to pick him up any earlier than this ~ at least he is having fun). This is usually a special time for those last few kids because they get to have the rock wall to themselves, go swimming again or something special and fun...Which is why not knowing where he was when I got me into a very emotional state of fear. A young boy (not much smaller than Super Son) was pulled from the pool in a near drowning. They were trying to revive his heart and I felt like that worried new Mom crafting contingencies for how I could rescue my son in case of any emergency. A quick chat with a parent nearby confirmed that this boy was with his mom so I headed out quickly to find Super Son and take him home. The gym was a daze of people crying or trying not to as they wandered glassy eyed through the folks just arriving or leaving from another part of the gym where they hadn't yet seen or heard. I found my boy playing blissfully in the gym on a scooter board. In true Super Son fashion he was irritated because I came to get him. We prayed for the little boy who's name we don't know, but we hope goes home safe and sound soon.

Then we snuggled in my bed and talked until bedtime.

On my knees...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Spread a little birthday love

The VERY funny Greg Dean has an online comic that if you haven't checked out already you should (I make the occasional cameo so its totally worth it to see my cartoon hotness). He moved to central Texas almost a year ago (how is this first summer heat wave working out for you Greg?) and he posted a request on his site today...

Today is one of my coworkers' birthday back at Dave's Gourmet, and I just got a call from one of my OTHER cohorts back there asking if I could ask YOU to bombard her with e-mail birthday wishes. So if you have a few minutes, try to send a nice "happy birthday" e-mail to Aline today. I only wish I could see the look on her face when a mountain of e-mail lands in her inbox. :)

I thought this was a great idea and how better to spread the love that piggy back on this idea. Now get going and send that email...aline(at)davesgourmet(dot)com

disclaimer - sorry I am techinically inept and couldn't figure out how to have this automatically send an email when clicked upon : ) feel free to comment and therefore save me from my ineptitude with the right way to do it

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Ready for Lift Off

For those of you who didn't know...Super Son is kinda into space. Tonight the Discovery channel is airing the first of a 6 part series (in High Def no less) about NASA called "When we left Earth".

Do you think Super Son is excited about it?

This is actually not a lazy blogger but a photo that is oriented correctly. I went outside to water the plants on the front porch and I walked back in to find him laying on the couch with his feet slung over the back. He looked over at me and said..."I am ready for lift off"

The DVR is ready. I have a feeling we will be watching this one over and over again.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

My Politics Revealed

As if my Obama banner hadn't done it already...

I am a sucker for funny pictures

so you must go check out Draco's Rose's post from Thursday. Cracking me up lady!

Anymommy says it all

If you haven't read it should. The truth for the week. Courtesy of the always awesome anymommy.


A few months ago Paige shared with the girls the pain that her family was dealing with as her cousin and his wife prepared to deliver a son that they knew would not have much time with his earthly family. It is a pain that is beyond comprehension. The grief of it all has brought me to tears more times than I can count. It wasn't long after learning about Paige's cousin that I began reading about Audrey Caroline on her mom's blog. Hero Husband doesn't even ask why I am crying when he sees me reading Angie's updates and I think he even reads them on his own sometimes. These two amazing families lost their children within a day of each other and it brought me to my knees. I decided that I wanted to do something.

I wrote to the Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Foundation and volunteered to photograph the families who suffer this unimaginable tragedy.

I heard from them today that I have been accepted.

Deep Breath

I am honored.

Please pray for me as I walk down this path, but mostly pray for those who will be calling on me.

His will, His words, not me... just Him at every step

Friday, June 06, 2008

Frugal much?

I went to Lowe's last Friday night after putting the kids to bed to pick up a bag of organic fertilizer for our veggies that seem to be struggling. Yes this equated to a Friday night date with myself. Nana mentioned that she puts miracle gro on her tomatoes and they are huge and bearing all kinds of fruit. I have read about miracle gro and the chemical nature of it all seems to undermine my desire to do this au naturale. So again, off I went in search of a magic elixir to make my plants give me more fruit. As I walked in there were two women together with a rack 4 shelves high filled to the brim with plants. Wow I thought to myself they are doing some serious yard work. I found my fertilizer and headed to the checkout where the aforementioned two women were still waiting to pay. I wondered to myself how much all of that was going to cost...$300 $400 shoot maybe even more there were some pretty hydrangeas in there too. While waiting I asked one of them what was the big project for...she confused me by saying oh just some planting in the gardens at home...then she leaned in and said she had filled the rack with the "sale" plants and that the whole rack was only $20. Say again! After they left I chatted up the awesome Pam who confirmed the case of the crazies that had taken over the Lowe's Garden Center on this partciular Friday night. Turns out it happens just about every Friday when they are pulling the plants from the floor that are in need of some TLC before the Saturday shop o rama. The pulled plants are either 1/2 off or $10 for a full giant rack of annuals or $20 for a full rack of mix and match (the only distinction I have found between the 1/2 off and the fixed price is knowing about it and actually asking for it). I found some really pretty topiaries for my front porch that she gave me for 1/2 off and I promised Pam a date the next Friday night with a full cart.

Flash forward to tonight. I tucked in and storied both kiddos, grabbed the keys to Eddie's truck and hightailed it to the Lowe's garden center. Pam was there and I giggled excitedly as I scoped out the racks and asked for the full instructions. I filled my own beautiful 3 shelf rack to the brim with purple sage, evergreen shrubs (to block the light from the street behind our house), salvia, succulent flowering annuals and anything else that struck my eye. They ring up every pot (for inventory I presume) which gave me the the most frugal satisfaction in watching the total rise to over $270 before being discounted to a grand total of $21.87 (including tax).

I am totally crushing on Pam right now and looking forward to the planting bonanza that will be my day tomorrow. I will take some pictures when i am done.

Next up...Figure out what is eating the strawberries before I can get there to pick them

Follow up - Here is some of my handiwork
Yeah Me!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I am a least in some ways

I have spent the last week knowing that in all likelihood everything would be just fine, but having the nagging fear that “what if it’s not...” I know the answer to the “what if” but I was really apprehensive about even the possibility of going there. Please God, humble me, just please not in that way (or in any of the previously requested exempt ways). I am the queen of disclaimers...note to self *must continue to work on that... I saw the big Doc and he extracted a really large (as in the 2nd largest he has taken out of someone’s mouth) calcification from my salivary duct. It reminds me of the little stones that we fished out of the huge redfish’s skull all those summers ago I think Dad said they helped the fish to balance and stay “upright” in the water I think I still have those things laying around in some memory box somewhere. I wonder if my stone was keeping me balanced? I am inclined to believe it was making me more imbalanced than balanced especially considering what it was doing to my immune/lymphatic system/s. The blockage kept a state of constant infection present. It never hurt or gave me a fever or any other reason to loathe its presence, but it was always on the low range of just irritating my body enough to never allow it to fully be free. Now I have a gaping hole in the bottom of my mouth...ew and the instructions to “come back if your nodes don’t go back down...I don’t see any reason to go further with them at this stage” I am a fan of scary stories or even a good slasher film on occasion, but what is it about the lurking in the “at this stage” part of the instructions that allows that nag to hang around. I am black and white when it comes to these things. I want the promise that it will all be okay and that I won’t have to think about or worry about this/that /the other thing ever again because (insert name) said so. My truth is that I am so constantly in need of reminding that the only (insert name) that belongs in those sentences is THE one and only and my vain flip flopping between inserting the names of Hero Husband, Doctors, friends, family, shoot...even acquaintances into that spot is just that... Vain and most importantly incorrect. I am grateful for the gift to walk another day unburdened by the specter of diminished health that will surely cross my path one day, but for now has passed me by. When it comes back I will have my armor on and my sword and shield at the ready.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Invisible friend or talking to herself?

Miss Thing was being naughty this evening and not listening...running in the opposite direction...not getting dressed for bed. I gave her an opportunity to brush her teeth, but warned that if she wasn't brushing I was going to do it for her myself (which in her mind ranks with kisses and spankings). She scooted into Super Son's bathroom and diligently brushed away until I averted my gaze. She ducked into the little nook behind the door and began to tinker with the toilet paper holder. Hearing the ceasing of brushing and the clinking of metal I called her name...she quietly said "she is listening to me" a brief pause and then she emerged brushing again smirking for her cleverness. What I can't decide is if she was talking to herself or a new friend of the transparent variety.