Thursday, June 19, 2008

Binding and Balm

Yesterday I took a day. Off from work and with my kids. We went to see the beautiful newness of life that is Carter. Super Son and Miss Thing wanted to take her home with us. Hint hint Hero Husband... just kidding no more babies right now. I will settle for stealing away this gem from her parents for a snuggle every now and then.

Then we went to Paige's place...I call it that because she is always so happy there. Grass, children, friends. They are like balm to my spirit softening and soothing the rough and exposed. I get to soak up their love (and hopefully give them some right back) The sun was unforgiving but the trees took pity on us. We sat and watched the kids love on each other, then assault each other, apologize and then start over again. Miss Thing was tired from missing her nap and we were both a little freaked out that she slipped in the shallow end and required some help to get her footing again (the water just lost its relaxing effect on me) and to top it off she scraped her knee on the bottom and was distraught over it all afternoon (night and this morning too...)Super Son didn't want to go home and I was exhausted when we finally did (get home that is).
My spirit is feeling better with each day. I still find these washes of sadness waiting for me in unexpected places, but there is such a healing, gift and grace in these women that I treasure. They tend to my heart when I can't see through the weeds and I would not be the same without them. My heart feels bound up by the bandages they gingerly apply. Paige Kik Kristi Crystal Cassie Leticia Dawn Jena Jennifer KT - love you girls

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  1. Such a lovely photograph!

    I can't help but imagine if someone had taken a similar shot of my daughter at birth they would have seen a bald spot. nestled in a head of hair.
    (I just KNEW she was grinding her head on the top of my cervix, and her baldness pattern proved it)

    We have a pool. The dog likes it best. It is empty most days.