Friday, June 13, 2008

Do you know where Estonia is?

I didn't until #3 brought around this interesting bloke she had started dating while living in Dubai. He seemed nice enough and has a freakish brain for geography. I figured the least I could do was figure out where he was from. Now I know where Estonia is and what a beautiful country it is. I would love to visit sometime, but I still live in fear of a transatlantic flight with two kids. The aura of Euro-Disney isn't enough yet to keep them under control for that long. One day for sure we will visit. just not sure when. Anyway. The story of Estonia and it's history of independence is actually a pretty interesting one. The Estonian came over a month or so ago and we watched a movie about it. I can hear you yawning, but trust me it was really good. If you have a chance to catch it in a theater you should and if you don't you should see what you can do to watch it online. Those of you who are local (and weren't here last month for the Austin Premiere : ) have no excuse because...ha ! It is coming to Austin in the next week and will be here until early July. Now GO!

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