Friday, June 06, 2008

Frugal much?

I went to Lowe's last Friday night after putting the kids to bed to pick up a bag of organic fertilizer for our veggies that seem to be struggling. Yes this equated to a Friday night date with myself. Nana mentioned that she puts miracle gro on her tomatoes and they are huge and bearing all kinds of fruit. I have read about miracle gro and the chemical nature of it all seems to undermine my desire to do this au naturale. So again, off I went in search of a magic elixir to make my plants give me more fruit. As I walked in there were two women together with a rack 4 shelves high filled to the brim with plants. Wow I thought to myself they are doing some serious yard work. I found my fertilizer and headed to the checkout where the aforementioned two women were still waiting to pay. I wondered to myself how much all of that was going to cost...$300 $400 shoot maybe even more there were some pretty hydrangeas in there too. While waiting I asked one of them what was the big project for...she confused me by saying oh just some planting in the gardens at home...then she leaned in and said she had filled the rack with the "sale" plants and that the whole rack was only $20. Say again! After they left I chatted up the awesome Pam who confirmed the case of the crazies that had taken over the Lowe's Garden Center on this partciular Friday night. Turns out it happens just about every Friday when they are pulling the plants from the floor that are in need of some TLC before the Saturday shop o rama. The pulled plants are either 1/2 off or $10 for a full giant rack of annuals or $20 for a full rack of mix and match (the only distinction I have found between the 1/2 off and the fixed price is knowing about it and actually asking for it). I found some really pretty topiaries for my front porch that she gave me for 1/2 off and I promised Pam a date the next Friday night with a full cart.

Flash forward to tonight. I tucked in and storied both kiddos, grabbed the keys to Eddie's truck and hightailed it to the Lowe's garden center. Pam was there and I giggled excitedly as I scoped out the racks and asked for the full instructions. I filled my own beautiful 3 shelf rack to the brim with purple sage, evergreen shrubs (to block the light from the street behind our house), salvia, succulent flowering annuals and anything else that struck my eye. They ring up every pot (for inventory I presume) which gave me the the most frugal satisfaction in watching the total rise to over $270 before being discounted to a grand total of $21.87 (including tax).

I am totally crushing on Pam right now and looking forward to the planting bonanza that will be my day tomorrow. I will take some pictures when i am done.

Next up...Figure out what is eating the strawberries before I can get there to pick them

Follow up - Here is some of my handiwork
Yeah Me!

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