Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mom, Remember the Milk Factory...We'll be making that soon

These were the words that my precious Super Son uttered as I wished him a final good night.

Where this kid comes up with his inventions I don't know, but the latest was the milk factory. He went on a camp field trip today to Central Market and got to taste a bunch of foods and check out the lobsters etc. I suspect there was some milk involved hence the milk factory, but he came home with some grand plans of raising cows in the yard (maybe the chickens aren't setting the best precedent) and milking them twice a day and pumping the milk over to Central Market for their bakery every day.

Sunday in church it was a seed spreader. There were several (drawn on a magna doodle) variations on the seed could be pushed, another dragged, another towed behind a truck/trailer. They each had very elaborate tubing mechanisms to get the seeds from the container to the ground.

I have always said that Hero Husband has the mind of an engineer...I definitely see that in Super Son mixed with the crazy dreamer in me....And I love
everything except the fact these plans/designs/supply lists and ancillary stories can sometimes take several hours to days to complete every bit of it!


  1. Someday he is going to hit the jackpot with one of his inventions! And hopefully you guys can live off the royalties for all eternity. :-)

  2. I know! What a cool little boy.