Friday, June 20, 2008


I vividly remember road trips as a girl being tortured by my Dad making me listen to awful stuff on NPR...Prairie home companion specifically. Horror of Horrors to be 15 and listening to anything that had Carl Kasell involved...Oh the humanity...

Fast forward 16 years and I am driving Miss Thing to school this morning. She is telling me about the "Purple Princess Diego Birthday Party" she plans to have on her birthday which is tomorrow, today, or later depending on when you ask her.

She pauses near the end of her candle count and says to me

"Momma, what kind of birthday party do you want to have"
"An I love Super Son and Miss Thing party" I reply
"No" she says "You have a news party, you like the newses"

Apparently I will be having a "Newses" party
Maybe I should invite Carl Kasell...

By the way I am not a news ticker hound ~ Anything that is not music is "newses" to her. My current NPR frequents are Wait Wait Don't Tell Me & Fresh Air

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