Monday, June 16, 2008

What to pray for

Angie (who has endured more than I can imagine in the last few months) posted this last month after her nephew was lost to SIDS. In true Shannonannon fashion I wanted a "to do" list right now and Angie has given me a framework to work from and a list of ways I should be praying right now...

A few things that I would ask for you to specifically pray for would be:

1. Having to deal with the planning for Colin's service, burial, etc.

2. Pray that neither of Colin's parents will blame themselves for his death. As parents, we can't help but let ourselves drift into the dangerous land of "what if....?" Where there is a sovereign God, there are no "what if's". Lord, remind them of this over and over as they rest tonight...

3. Pray for Colin's sister.

4. Please pray for those who minister to them.

5. Please pray for Colin's parents marriage. The hurt transforms sometimes to anger, and the way that the anger lands on whoever is closest. They spent the day peacefully together, but I want to pray that no divisions will rise up between them, and that they will feel fully united in their sorrow.

6. Pray for God to allow their grief to be you read these words, you may feel called to volunteer yourself through prayer to be a "carrier" of their grief.

7.Pray for patches of joy in a bleak, seemingly hopeless fog.

8.Pray that God would bless Colin's family with erasing the memories from that day that they cannot stand to replay over and over in their minds. Pray that God will erase the moments, smells, sounds of those terrifying moments, and that in their place will be a feeling of peace....peace that passes all understading.

9. Pray. Pray. Pray.

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