Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Precious Love

On the way to the coast the kids picked some different movies for the drive. Cinderella, Peter Pan and Shrek. Cinderella was a big hit and Peter Pan was generally good until late in the film Captian Hook begins his murderous assault on the lost boys and Peter. I had one ear occupied by NPR on my ipod when I heard Miss Thing start to whimper. I asked Super Son to pause the movie and and asked Miss Thing what was wrong.

Miss Thing: "I don't like Captian Hook"
Me: "Don't worry Miss Thing Peter Pan wins and the Alligator chases Captain Hook away"
Miss Thing: "Okay"

She sounded doubtful but was willing to see it through and Super Son started the movie again. Another minute passed and she whimpered. I asked if she was scared and she said yes. "Honey" I said "Super Son will hold your hand if you are scared"

She looked at him, he looked at her, they paused and then reached for each other. They held hands until the scary part was over.

Super Son reminds her of her strength and holds her hand when she isn't so sure. He is an amazing big brother.

Monday, July 28, 2008

The foot

When we were on our way to Puerto Vallarta our seating was somewhat split. Miss Thing and I were together, Super Son and Hero Husband were together, Nana & Papa...you get the idea. Miss Thing and I took our seats on the leg from Dallas to Puerto Vallarta and Miss Thing was very excited about having a window seat. That is until she saw "The Foot" . There they were...Five decently pedicured toes way beyond the acceptable "back of the armrest" property line that defines an acceptable place to rest your foot when you are trying to sleep on an airplane. First she just looked at me then at the foot then back at me with a "you are going to deal with this, right" expression. I told her to wait just a few minutes and when we got ready to take off the lady would put her foot down. I said it just loud enough where the owner of "The Foot" could hear me. Except she didn't do anything. Miss Thing continued to creep sideways in her seat as her pitch climbed higher and higher as she started saying "it's still there" "mommmmyyyy...toes" I glanced into the row behind us to find out who the offending toes belonged to. Assuming that with all the commentary, whining and general freaking out that Miss Thing was doing it had to be a mom who was nursing or holding a sleeping baby and understandably couldn't move. She wasn't and apparently was just content to stick her feet all the way up in Miss Thing's seat. I reclined the seat a bit and generally rustled around thinking she would get the drift. She didn't so after Hero Husband suggested that I change seats with Miss Thing we gave in and swapped seats. Baby girl gave up her window and I put my elbows on the elbow rests (go figure they aren't called foot rests) nudging "The Foot" (ew) out of its resting spot and back into her own seat.

Word to the wise. Don't stick your feet in someone else's personal space on an airplane. It's just rude folks and if a little girl doesn't want to look at your toes and you hear her complaining about it to her Mom then move it already!

You don't have to look to closely to see "The Toes" behind Miss Thing

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thank you To Nana

Last week was the only week during July and August that my Benevolent Boss was scheduled to be in town meaning that I really needed to be in the office to take care of all of the meetings and projects that work best when we are there together. When Hero Husband got deployed on Monday for Hurricane Dolly's arrival I was virtually assured that I would not be able to work with Super Son out of camp for the week. I called Hero Husband's mother aka Nana and asked (casually) if she had anything going on.

Tuesday she came to town and saved me and spent the rest of the week playing with, entertaining and enjoying time with her perfectly sweet and always well behaved grandchildren.

They had such an amazing time. Thank you Nana! You are a super hero!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Heard the news that Uncle G is coming home today. A year in Iraq is a long time and we are all looking forward to seeing him and celebrating his safe return. Welcome Home!

The Puerto Vallarta Chronicles

ahhh... Vacation

There is a predictable rhythm of arriving and feeling like you have forever to do it all...the relaxing and debating about actual getting it done...and the rush to do what you didn't before it's too late and you have to catch a plane. I personally like step 2 the best. Nothing feels rushed or frantic and everyone falls into a lovely natural pace.

We returned this year to the same resort we stayed at last year because they were the only place we could find that was reasonably priced and had suites available. The three bedroom we booked had 4 bathrooms a balcony with an ocean view and was probably more than double the size of the place Hero Husband and I lived when we were first married. It was also our first big venture into "group travel" with children. #2, Back Cracker & Bean and Nana & Papa all came with us and Uncle M made it down for a few days over the weekend.

Nana & Papa (aka my awesome in-laws) took one room, Super Son & Miss Thing got one and Hero Husband and I took the third. We have never traveled with Nana & Papa before and I wondered what "living together" for a week would be like. Turns out they are the perfect roommates. They came with the intention of doing everything possible while we were there and boy did they succeed. Sunset cruise, native dancers, swimming, parasailing, jet skis, shopping, dancing, karaoke...they were going non-stop. They stayed in one night so #2, Back Cracker, Hero Husband and I could go out. Even with that freedom, knowing the kiddos would still be up early the next day we saw a show had some drinks at the bar and then called it a night. Hero Husband and the Back Cracker turns out can do the latin booty shake and #2 and I can't. Where is the justice in that...wait, maybe that is perfect. I GET to watch the show.

Miss Thing got sick on the last day of the trip...awful fever, upset stomach and "the runs" Poor thing took nearly a week to get her appetite back and after we got home Hero Husband, Nana, Papa and I all got it too.

Our flight home was reasonable until we got to Dallas and ran into a weather delay and the worst American Airlines desk agent in the history of the universe. We think she actually removed us from the flight when we inquired about getting an earlier flight. 3 1/2 hours late, but we arrived in one piece. In hindsight we probably had the delay coming considering we have never run into major travel issues before. Airport drama does a little to take the vacation buzz off but the tan persists and we all are glad to be home and back into some type of routine.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hello Dolly

September 11, 2001 - I was 5 months pregnant with Super Son and Hero Husband was deployed to New York City with his FEMA task force team do do Search & Rescue at the World Trade Center

August 30, 2005 - I was 8 months pregnant with Miss Thing and Hero Husband was deployed to New Orleans to assist with the evacuation after Hurricane Katrina.

Hero Husband was deployed today to welcome Dolly... the good news is I am not pregnant so it is virtually assured to be a mild weather event.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

And now the green has started to set in

Don't I look tough! Thankfully the tenderness is nearly gone.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Dangers of Gardening

Word to the wise...when your garden hose gets tangled don't try to flap the hose until you shake it loose without taking off the watering wand first...You might just get a black eye.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Military Offense

Okay Okay I know I haven't blogged about vacation yet. It is coming I promise. I really want to do it justice so I am going to post when I am darn good and ready. so there.

As for the adventure of the day...after I got off from work Hero Husband helped me to pack up the kids and get on the way to the Texas Coast for a few days of fun with my San Antonio family. Hero Husband is battling a return of Montezuma's revenge and has to go to the station on Saturday so it is just me and the offspring. I love a good road trip so a quick google map print out and we were on our way.

We made it all the way to Corpus by following the wise google map...Highway 385 should intersect with 361 and I just kept on following 385 until I found myself at a military checkpoint...Huh? Apparently there is a naval installation in Corpus Christi (I knew about Ingelside but that was a ways from where we were). The guard at the station was appropriately understanding in giving me directions to find the connector Park Road 22 that apparently fills the google map gap between 385 and 261 (thanks Google Maps - you are no longer wise and all knowing) The guards instructions were very clear "Go around the barricades, turn around exit" These roads were narrow with cement barricades on both sides. I tried to turn left at the first opening in the barricades and quickly found that there was no way to turn back from there and resumed following the other cars and the road until I found a suitable place to turn around. It wasn't very far (maybe 30 yards) when tearing up the grass comes a military police SUV lights blaring and whoop whooping his siren. I figured that we were under attack and I should pull aside to let the good soldier do his job.

Turns out I was the source of the attack.

Ponytailed mom of two (who were busy in the back seat watching Finding Nemo) in the Subaru with the flowers hanging from the rearview mirror had "illegally entered a military installation"

He required my ID i guess to confirm the non threatening appearance was reflected in my last visit to the DMV as I grinned painfully and swore I was just following the instructions the guard had given me and there wasn't any place to turn around (It would help if the roads were actually open and not cement barricaded one way only).

He escorted me off the installation never to return.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Welcome to Vacation

I came back to the room and found Nan laying out on the chaise on the patio. I opened the door...

Me: Hey Nana...Are you asleep?
Mary: I'm asleep and drunk

Welcome to vacation

Sunday, July 06, 2008


Evil coxsackie you tricked me. Lulled me in to a sense of health and invincibility. 5 long days after the boy who is too old to be getting hand foot and mouth disease proclaimed to be pain free (and ulcer free from what I could see) baby girl sat down to breakfast and had red splotches all around her mouth and cheeks. Uh oh. Daddy grab the zyrtec.

Mommy: Miss Thing do you feel okay?
Miss Thing: My lips are blue
Mommy:(laughing) okay I guess you feel okay ~ open up and let me see your throat ~ Oh no...Daddy go ahead and get the motrin

Miss Thing has contracted the coxsackie virus and so we begin the cycle again.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Mom...You in there?

I went inside to get snacks and turned around to see this sweet image...*smile*

Miss Thing & The Bean

These two are going to be trouble together when they are older...#2 and I will get our just rewards for sure.

It's a bird...It's a plane

It's flying Super Son (courtesy of a launch by the Back Cracker)

Watch what you ask for

Well the dreaded coxsackie passed over the rest of our family and we managed to walk away unscathed and after hearing about how horrible it can be (let's just say that we drew the long straw on this one) I had a few short moments of gloating.

That was until the howls of horror erupted Thursday morning while Miss Thing and Super Son were watching a little morning cartoon before school. The strawberry/blueberry medly that had accompanied dinner on Wednesday made a re-appearance on my bedroom floor. Sweet Miss Thing was horrified by her bodies revolt and the awful response she was getting by her less than impressed older brother. After a quick cleanup she setup camp in the big bed and almost immediately started running a fever. The coxsackie has been replaced by the boola-boola. *sigh*

Thankfully she has been feeling better each day, but still has almost no appetite.

I am still happy that the full wrath of coxsackie was avoided and it didn't infect our whole family and there is a small amount of woo hoo from being just a little bit right, but I swear I have learned my lesson. No more gloating and be careful what you ask for

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

coxsackie anyone?

It is apparently pronounced cock-sake...like the 'appendage" and the japanese wine. If only it was that glamourous ~ yes I'll have a coxsackie with a lime twist...shaken not stirred. Thanks

Coxsackieviruses otherwise known as Hand Foot Mouth disease has infiltrated my home. Ew. I remember when my horses used to get thrush in their hooves. This is comprable in my book. Except with the horses all I had to do was clean their hooves, a little more hay for good measure and a modest amount of follow up...all done. This nasty sucker lingers for a week after symptoms are gone. Don't the virus gods know I have a vacation next week! arrgghhh...and the worst part Dr. Brown (the awesome) said to me Super Son should be back to normal in a few days...When Miss Thing gets it the cycle should be similar. Not IF but when. There comes a small amount of satisfaction in giving someone you admire a schooling on some subject. PLEASE Lord take pity on me...let this be a time she is wrong wrong wrong...