Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back to the beach

After Nana left a few weeks ago. I packed up the kids and headed back to the beach for one last weekend with Aunt Susan, Uncle Tom and cousins Zach & Matthew. Last summer when we did this Miss Thing "dropped" one night after too much time on the beach and fell asleep standing up between two dining room chairs. It was hilarious and we all laughed as we reached for the camera and Super Son excited by the hubub woke her up before we could get a picture.

Saturday afternoon she fell asleep in my arms in the pool and Susan and I managed to get upstairs quickly and quietly enough to put her down in bed to sleep.

After she woke up I made her a plate of nachos for snack and after a few minutes of snacking she was standing in the chair "hiding" from Matthew and Zach who were "coming to find her". Susan turned and asked me if she was asleep. I glanced back and for sure thought she was playing until we all were able to sneak over and take a peek at her little napping self. We had to restrain Super Son from waking her up before Zach could get a picture...and there goes Miss Thing napping standing up...again.

**This has been posted without the aid of the "sleeping standing" picture because my perfect in every way cousin Zach shoots in RAW and I can't find any service to allow me to transfer that kind of file and I didn't bring any cd's with me. Zach - get me that picture before you leave for college or I will be forced to follow you to Ole Miss and stalk you in your dorm room until I get it. M'kay.**

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