Tuesday, July 01, 2008

coxsackie anyone?

It is apparently pronounced cock-sake...like the 'appendage" and the japanese wine. If only it was that glamourous ~ yes I'll have a coxsackie with a lime twist...shaken not stirred. Thanks

Coxsackieviruses otherwise known as Hand Foot Mouth disease has infiltrated my home. Ew. I remember when my horses used to get thrush in their hooves. This is comprable in my book. Except with the horses all I had to do was clean their hooves, a little more hay for good measure and a modest amount of follow up...all done. This nasty sucker lingers for a week after symptoms are gone. Don't the virus gods know I have a vacation next week! arrgghhh...and the worst part Dr. Brown (the awesome) said to me Super Son should be back to normal in a few days...When Miss Thing gets it the cycle should be similar. Not IF but when. There comes a small amount of satisfaction in giving someone you admire a schooling on some subject. PLEASE Lord take pity on me...let this be a time she is wrong wrong wrong...


  1. Horrid. I'm sorry. I hope that all the little hooves and mouths in your house are completely healthy by vacation day.

  2. Crossing my fingers that Dr Brown is wrong!

    Maybe you should feed Ava some hay...just to be safe? :D

  3. So, the black stuff in Rio's hooves, does that have anything to do with *my* nausea? Ha.