Monday, July 28, 2008

The foot

When we were on our way to Puerto Vallarta our seating was somewhat split. Miss Thing and I were together, Super Son and Hero Husband were together, Nana & get the idea. Miss Thing and I took our seats on the leg from Dallas to Puerto Vallarta and Miss Thing was very excited about having a window seat. That is until she saw "The Foot" . There they were...Five decently pedicured toes way beyond the acceptable "back of the armrest" property line that defines an acceptable place to rest your foot when you are trying to sleep on an airplane. First she just looked at me then at the foot then back at me with a "you are going to deal with this, right" expression. I told her to wait just a few minutes and when we got ready to take off the lady would put her foot down. I said it just loud enough where the owner of "The Foot" could hear me. Except she didn't do anything. Miss Thing continued to creep sideways in her seat as her pitch climbed higher and higher as she started saying "it's still there" "mommmmyyyy...toes" I glanced into the row behind us to find out who the offending toes belonged to. Assuming that with all the commentary, whining and general freaking out that Miss Thing was doing it had to be a mom who was nursing or holding a sleeping baby and understandably couldn't move. She wasn't and apparently was just content to stick her feet all the way up in Miss Thing's seat. I reclined the seat a bit and generally rustled around thinking she would get the drift. She didn't so after Hero Husband suggested that I change seats with Miss Thing we gave in and swapped seats. Baby girl gave up her window and I put my elbows on the elbow rests (go figure they aren't called foot rests) nudging "The Foot" (ew) out of its resting spot and back into her own seat.

Word to the wise. Don't stick your feet in someone else's personal space on an airplane. It's just rude folks and if a little girl doesn't want to look at your toes and you hear her complaining about it to her Mom then move it already!

You don't have to look to closely to see "The Toes" behind Miss Thing

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