Friday, July 18, 2008

Military Offense

Okay Okay I know I haven't blogged about vacation yet. It is coming I promise. I really want to do it justice so I am going to post when I am darn good and ready. so there.

As for the adventure of the day...after I got off from work Hero Husband helped me to pack up the kids and get on the way to the Texas Coast for a few days of fun with my San Antonio family. Hero Husband is battling a return of Montezuma's revenge and has to go to the station on Saturday so it is just me and the offspring. I love a good road trip so a quick google map print out and we were on our way.

We made it all the way to Corpus by following the wise google map...Highway 385 should intersect with 361 and I just kept on following 385 until I found myself at a military checkpoint...Huh? Apparently there is a naval installation in Corpus Christi (I knew about Ingelside but that was a ways from where we were). The guard at the station was appropriately understanding in giving me directions to find the connector Park Road 22 that apparently fills the google map gap between 385 and 261 (thanks Google Maps - you are no longer wise and all knowing) The guards instructions were very clear "Go around the barricades, turn around exit" These roads were narrow with cement barricades on both sides. I tried to turn left at the first opening in the barricades and quickly found that there was no way to turn back from there and resumed following the other cars and the road until I found a suitable place to turn around. It wasn't very far (maybe 30 yards) when tearing up the grass comes a military police SUV lights blaring and whoop whooping his siren. I figured that we were under attack and I should pull aside to let the good soldier do his job.

Turns out I was the source of the attack.

Ponytailed mom of two (who were busy in the back seat watching Finding Nemo) in the Subaru with the flowers hanging from the rearview mirror had "illegally entered a military installation"

He required my ID i guess to confirm the non threatening appearance was reflected in my last visit to the DMV as I grinned painfully and swore I was just following the instructions the guard had given me and there wasn't any place to turn around (It would help if the roads were actually open and not cement barricaded one way only).

He escorted me off the installation never to return.

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