Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Puerto Vallarta Chronicles

ahhh... Vacation

There is a predictable rhythm of arriving and feeling like you have forever to do it all...the relaxing and debating about actual getting it done...and the rush to do what you didn't before it's too late and you have to catch a plane. I personally like step 2 the best. Nothing feels rushed or frantic and everyone falls into a lovely natural pace.

We returned this year to the same resort we stayed at last year because they were the only place we could find that was reasonably priced and had suites available. The three bedroom we booked had 4 bathrooms a balcony with an ocean view and was probably more than double the size of the place Hero Husband and I lived when we were first married. It was also our first big venture into "group travel" with children. #2, Back Cracker & Bean and Nana & Papa all came with us and Uncle M made it down for a few days over the weekend.

Nana & Papa (aka my awesome in-laws) took one room, Super Son & Miss Thing got one and Hero Husband and I took the third. We have never traveled with Nana & Papa before and I wondered what "living together" for a week would be like. Turns out they are the perfect roommates. They came with the intention of doing everything possible while we were there and boy did they succeed. Sunset cruise, native dancers, swimming, parasailing, jet skis, shopping, dancing, karaoke...they were going non-stop. They stayed in one night so #2, Back Cracker, Hero Husband and I could go out. Even with that freedom, knowing the kiddos would still be up early the next day we saw a show had some drinks at the bar and then called it a night. Hero Husband and the Back Cracker turns out can do the latin booty shake and #2 and I can't. Where is the justice in that...wait, maybe that is perfect. I GET to watch the show.

Miss Thing got sick on the last day of the trip...awful fever, upset stomach and "the runs" Poor thing took nearly a week to get her appetite back and after we got home Hero Husband, Nana, Papa and I all got it too.

Our flight home was reasonable until we got to Dallas and ran into a weather delay and the worst American Airlines desk agent in the history of the universe. We think she actually removed us from the flight when we inquired about getting an earlier flight. 3 1/2 hours late, but we arrived in one piece. In hindsight we probably had the delay coming considering we have never run into major travel issues before. Airport drama does a little to take the vacation buzz off but the tan persists and we all are glad to be home and back into some type of routine.

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  1. We went to PV with all our kids for the first time in February. We had an amazing time - the culture was welcoming to children. Glad you guys had a good time too!