Saturday, July 05, 2008

Watch what you ask for

Well the dreaded coxsackie passed over the rest of our family and we managed to walk away unscathed and after hearing about how horrible it can be (let's just say that we drew the long straw on this one) I had a few short moments of gloating.

That was until the howls of horror erupted Thursday morning while Miss Thing and Super Son were watching a little morning cartoon before school. The strawberry/blueberry medly that had accompanied dinner on Wednesday made a re-appearance on my bedroom floor. Sweet Miss Thing was horrified by her bodies revolt and the awful response she was getting by her less than impressed older brother. After a quick cleanup she setup camp in the big bed and almost immediately started running a fever. The coxsackie has been replaced by the boola-boola. *sigh*

Thankfully she has been feeling better each day, but still has almost no appetite.

I am still happy that the full wrath of coxsackie was avoided and it didn't infect our whole family and there is a small amount of woo hoo from being just a little bit right, but I swear I have learned my lesson. No more gloating and be careful what you ask for

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